A fast moving week & tasty g-free chicken tenders

Another week flies by. I’m not sure quite where it has gone and it takes me a while to even recount what we did.

On the plus side. T’s head heals fabulously. Thank you again doctor Don! C has a great week at school and we have a week of fabulous sunshine.

On the double plus side, I try to recount the negatives and there aren’t really any. And that’s not just my Californian happy clappy side talking…

The first school day of the week is celebrated with huge scoops at Swirls – the hot frozen yogurt spot in town. We beat the after school rush and head there with friends and bump into a few others along the way. I think the kids like making their cups of yogurt and toppings as much – if not more – than eating them afterwards.

On Tuesday, T and I spend an amazing couple of hours on our friends roof terrace, lunching and overlooking the Bay and Coit Tower. The children splash in the paddling pool and my friend and I catch up. Life is good.

I also have my soccer training debut that afternoon. I wonder if I’m a better team ‘mom’ than I am assistant coach right now, but I’m determined to find my groove. I immediately go home and order a book on youth soccer coaching.

On Wednesday, we hit the tennis court at Boyle Park after school. It’s a drop-in class, but C and his friend are the only 2 kids there on this hot and steamy afternoon and so they end up having a semi-private lesson, which is great. I see a huge improvement in C’s playing and his ability to focus. Pre g-free, he wouldn’t have had the energy to follow through like this on an afternoon after school. It’s amazing to see the difference and to see him so happy.

T starts pre-k on Thursday. It’s a big day for him to go into the ‘Tigers’ class. Drop off is hassle- free – for the first time ever with T. There are so may cool things set up for him to do. I cross my fingers that he has a great day and that his excitement about school continues. I stop and take in the view as I drive out of the school car park. Probably the best pre-school view ever, with the San Francisco skyline in the background:

It’s my first long kid-free day in an age – I have from 8.40 until 2.50. I can hardly believe it and seize the moment. After a great long walk (or hike, as they call it in these parts) with friends and dogs, I head over to the lovely Fingers and Toes nail salon with a couple of girlfriends for a good catch up and a mani pedi. Heaven!

I pop into Pharmaca for some vitamins afterwards and am taken aback by how many vitamin labels now also say ‘gluten free’. Really? It hadn’t crossed my mind that this was even gluten territory. It just goes to show! Am amazed as to how gluten awareness seems to be growing and growing.

We head to the swimming pool after school for the next 2 days. On day 2, the boys both have a significant swimming ‘aha’ moment. Phew! The lessons are starting to pay off. I can finally see a glimpse of myself lounging by the pool while the boys splash about in the water.

My favorite easy kid-friendly g-free recipe of the week is chicken tenders. It goes down a storm and also makes a perfect lunchbox filler.

Chicken tenders


Organic chicken, gluten free cornflakes

1. Take 1lb of organic chicken breasts and cut into strips

2. Crush a couple of cup fulls of gluten-free cornflakes (put the flakes in a ziploc bag a and crush by rolling with a rolling pin)

3. Coat the chicken in the crushed cornflakes

4. Bake at 425 F for 20 minutes, turning once.


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