Day 12 of being G-free

Day 12

It’s Wednesday today. I always love my Wednesdays. T has swimming at a swim school in the city, along with his other little (although in their minds they are SO big) friend. My friend and I always car pool – in my car if I have the dog in tow, in hers if I have already managed to get him out for a good walk that day. After swim class we have our mandatory amble to the Warming Hut at Crissy Fields where we have coffee and a bun and 9 times out of 10 manage to sit outside and soak up a little sunshine while the boys play on their scooters, watch the seals bob around on the Bay, climb trees and inevitably find something to bicker about before they make their peace again and we all go home.

This morning, T and I drop C off at school and then head straight to Boyle Park to throw the ball for the dog for an hour while T clambers over the big tree stumps, while Milo (the pooch) is desperately trying to guard his ball from the crazy spaniel in the park.

We head back home and I realize that I haven’t left much time to pack swim stuff, make T a packed lunch and get mobilized to drive into the city. T gets made the same sandwiches that C had in his lunch box today – salami sandwiches on Glutino rice flour bread. The bread is way to crumbly and I’m wondering what the boys are going to make of it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’d frozen it that it’s so impossible to do anything with?

We make a dash to pick up my friend Babette and her son and then drive into the city. Poor T needs to go to the restroom (desperately, of course), just as we are driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. Given that we can’t stop on the bridge and that it’s not the shortest bridge ever, poor T doesn’t make it to the bathroom… We console him by telling him that it’s fine and that he’ll be in the swimming pool in a minute where he’ll be nice and clean again. He is not happy about it, but he doesn’t complain either. Oh the joys of being a 4 year old.

We get to the pool, do our weekly thing, clap and praise the kids as they make their swim advancement for the week, chat to the other moms in the class and then head off for our stroll.

It’s a beautiful day and we take our coffees and the boys packed lunch and sit at the tables outside of the warming hut. The rice flour sandwiches are greeted with disdain. I taste the bread. It really does taste like cardboard. Can’t blame T for turning his nose up at that. I suggest that he feeds it to the birds.

The birds are delighted – mostly pigeons and European Starlings. I’ve never been a big bird fan, but Babette loves the birds and so I’m learning to overcome my age old fear of things that flap around me and enjoy watching the little things peck at the cardboard bread. A pigeon hops onto the table in front of us and I notice that it has fishing twine wrapped around it’s leg and foot. It is limping and I ask Babette what we should do – while not really thinking that there is anything we can do. How would we catch him?

Babette puts her bird loving skills to use and artfully catches the bird from behind while he is pecking unawares. I set to work trying to unravel the twine, but it’s embedded in his skin. I am surprised at how soft his little feet are and become determined to save this little creature come what may. After a few failed attempts of finding the right ‘tool’ in the Warming Hut, I get a cutting knife from the lady in the shop and we start to pick away at the mass of twine. The boys are fascinated and keep telling us not to hurt the birdy. We gently explain that we are helping him and that we are only cutting the twine, not his foot. A passer by comes to help and between the three of us we managed to break the bird free from the awful tangle around his leg. We let him go and congratulate ourselves on our achievement. I’m in disbelief that I have gotten so close to a bird and think that my fear may be cured from now on.

After cleaning ourselves up after the bird rescue, the boys jump on their scooters and we head back to collect the ‘big’ kids from school.

C has just had his drama class and he has a performance this evening, so we dash home to cram as much learning of his lines in as we can. I bake Cherrybrook Kitchen (, gluten free, chocolate cookies to aid the learning process. They are delicious! It makes me happy to have found another g-free success.

We troop back to school for the performance. Always a delight. Always a tad chaotic. C remembers most of his lines and is proud to be on stage. The teacher announces the end of year drama party at next weeks session and I offer to bake some gluten free goodies for it. What? Me offering to bake? Times have definitely changed…

I have some ground turkey for dinner. I decide to make a mild turkey chilli with it, but it turns out not so mild and I realize my mistake. C eats some, but T is decidedly unimpressed. I need to figure out how to make g-free turkey meatballs next time and quit trying to feed them things that they don’t particularly care for.

That evening I send off a small donation to my wonderful oncologist who is doing a half marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. ( She is amazing, a true inspiration. Not only does she spend here every day saving people from this awful disease, but she also gives up her free time to train and to raise money and awareness for an amazing cause. I take my hat off to her. Go Bobbie!


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