Day 14 of being G-free

Day 14

Try to put last nights’ steak in C’s lunch box. He freaks. Mmmm. Ok – mortadella, rice crackers and salad, with some fruit and yoghurt on the side, instead. It begins to dawn on me that the key to all of this really is to keep things simple. I think I need a core 5-10 recipes that the kids love, with a stash of homemade gluten free meatballs in the freezer and then we’ll be good to go. Won’t we?

T has his ‘graduation’ concert this morning. We have to be there by 10.  T seems excited. It’s quite unusual for him to be excited about school. At 9.30 I’m still unloading the dishwasher and trying to figure out how I’m going to squeeze in a dog walk, when I realize that it’s time to get T ready and go. I take the dog along in the car, figuring that we’ll be done by 11am and that he can have a run by the school afterwards. There is a picnic planned after the event, but a small group of us are going to skip those pleasantries and head to La Boulange for lunch with the kids instead. Once we get to school, T isn’t as enthusiastic about the concert anymore and I have to prize him for my leg while I leave him in his classroom for his pre show ‘preparation’. This preparation involves putting on his green school t-shirt that looks like a dress and admiring the teachers baby mice. Not sure why he had to be here 30 minutes before the start of the ‘show’.

How wrong I was about timing.  We endure about an hour of speeches and certificate giving to large financial donors. Yawn. Then the pre-k class comes in, sings and has their graduation ceremony. At about 11.30 our little guys finally come marching into the auditorium. Their performance is hilarious. Quite perfect. Definitely worth the wait (I think). T is much more exuberant on stage than I would ever have imagined him to be. I take pictures and giggle while watching him having a blast. Brilliant.

We race to the car to rescue the dog as soon as the event is deemed ‘done’. We throw the ball for him with the chuck-it – how I love my chuck-it – for 20 minutes and then head to Strawberry Village for lunch where I note all of the potential gluten free dining options. High Tech Burrito (, should work – with corn tortillas, no? Asqew Grill ( is advertising a gluten free menu. I think that we might take C there as a treat in the next few days. Without C in tow, however, we take the gluten filled option of the bakery. The boys play while we sit and chat. Three amigos. Very cute. Well – very cute until we see them with pants down, in a row, all peeing into the flowerbed in front of all of the other outdoor diners. Time to leave!

We pick up C from school and have a mellow rest of the afternoon at home. I rustle up a quick pizza with tomato sauce an salami on top of an Udi’s gluten free pizza crust and let the kids watch a movie – the standard Friday evening treat – while eating their pizza. The pizza seems to be a hit and it was SO simple.

Our babysitter arrives at 6.30. I quickly bath the kids and then get showered and ready for our evening out. Evenings out have been few and far between of late, due to my low post-cancer energy levels and so I’m really looking forward to attending a friends 20th wedding anniversary party at a local tennis club. We know a few people who will be there and I’m looking forward to seeing them all.

We have a giggle and a good old dance. As we watch the dance floor, we comment on the fact that we now understand why we used to be embarrassed about our parents. I guess we really have reached that age where we just don’t look that great en masse on the dance floor anymore, but who cares!

I drink a little too much wine – 2.5 glasses, instead of the allowed 1.5, but it tastes SO good and I’m having such a nice time. I’m not going to get cancer again from the occasional extra glass of wine, am I? Who knows, but right now being happy and having a momentary escape from being g-free mom, seems a lot more important. I do however vow not to let another drop of wine pass my lips for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend.

We fall into bed and look forward to getting up and heading to Napa tomorrow. Life is good.

Easy Gluten Free/Dairy Free Pizza

Udi’s Pizza Crust

Tomato sauce (Canned)

Choice of topping. Our favorite is salami.


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