Day 15 of being G-free

Day 15

We get up late – around 9.30am (how the perception of late changes when you are a parent). We’ve been hearing the tap tap tap of the boys clicking away on the computer upstairs for about an hour, but are quite happy to lie there and enjoy the moment. By 10am we are just about ready for breakfast and I’m conscious that we should really be on the road by 11am to make it up to Napa where we are rendezvousing with friends for the day in the house they are staying at this weekend.  Maybe we’ll make it on time. Just maybe? I managed to find some Udi’s gluten free bread ( yesterday at Wholefoods. We have it for breakfast and are all SO happy that it tastes like ‘normal’ bread. It’s amazing. Why have we been wasting our time trying to learn to love other rice flour breads, when these guys have found the art of perfection?

I push M out of the door to take the dog for a run. I think we’re all tired this morning and are finding it difficult to mobilize. While M is out with Milo, I make a stash of sandwiches with the Udi’s bread and also fold up the left over pizza, made with Udi’s pizza crust from last night as a sandwich alternative, for the car journey. I pack a rum selection of other gluten free snacks – rice cakes, corn chips, potato chips, some fruit and some squeeze yoghurts. I feel like that should keep us going all day if need be.

I also arrange for a friend to come and take Milo for a walk late afternoon, as I realize that I haven’t really thought this day through very well.

We do a drive by at Wholefoods for the goodies that we are taking up to Napa for lunch and then hit the road – way later than we should be. Always late. Always, always late.

The drive is peaceful – the kids have their beloved DS’s for entertainment and the journey seems to fly by. The sandwiches get devoured en route and the snacks take a good old beating too. Mmm. Maybe I didn’t pack so much food after all.

Our jaws drop as we pull up the driveway to the house that our friends are staying in. It feels as if we have just driven into a spread from Dwell magazine meets Architectural Digest. Amazing. We can’t believe it. Lunch awaits us in the barn – although calling it a barn doesn’t do it justice and the kids immediately change into swim shorts and join the other 5 boys already running around the grounds. Just perfect.

The afternoon is spent chatting, eating, drinking and swimming. The time flies by, but I do notice C getting whiney and edgy. I keep ploughing him with g-free snacks, but somehow it doesn’t seem enough. He denies being hungry, but he obviously is. His tummy is also upset and I have a bit of a wobble about this whole diet thing and wonder whether we really are doing the right thing. He manages to hold it together, however, and seems totally fine with corn chips, corn on the cob and watermelon at dinnertime, while the other kids chow on pasta (why didn’t I think to bring gluten free pasta? Lesson learned).

I take heaps of photos and find new inspiration for my painting. Ha ha – and when exactly am I supposed to find the time to paint? I have 3 half finished canvasses sat around my easel at home and so I make a renewed vow to complete them before I head off to Europe. We’ll see.

The kids go out to play bocce on the bocce court, chaperoned by M and they have an amazing time. Meanwhile, some yummy pork is grilling on the BBQ for us grown ups. At 9pm we finally persuade c to eat properly and he has some of the delicious pork, some potatoes and salad. The minute he eats, he is a calmer person. I wonder about how I can get him to realize that his mood swings are so directly related to whether he is hungry or not. I guess that’s just part of growing up?

We hit the road at around 9.30 and I think all of us except for M at the wheel doze off, having all agreed that we just had a pretty near perfect day and that we’re incredibly lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world, surrounded by such great friends. Are you feeling the love yet?


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