Day 16 of being G-free

Day 16.

Wow. I’m tired today. It’s been a bit full on these past few weeks. I wonder whether I’m coming down with something or whether it’s just plain old lack of sleep. 3 months ago I couldn’t even have done half of the things that I do now, so I’m thankful for having my life back and try to keep the frustration about feeling low at bay. M lets me sleep – so lucky.

When I get up at 10am (such luxury), he announces that he is just about to make a pancake breakfast for us all (gluten free – of course). Although that sounds delightful, I suddenly realize that C has a birthday party to go today and I’m sure it starts any minute now. We quickly check Evite and lo and behold the party starts at 10.30. Oops. C quickly gets a bowl of cornflakes with vanilla yoghurt – the new go-to breakfast solution, and I speedily wrap the gift and pack up a bag of gluten free snacks and cookies for C as a cake substitute. I congratulate myself on having stocked the cupboards with gluten free goodies over the past couple of weeks, so as to be able to throw together a bag like this in a few minutes. Check out my products we love page.(

M dashes off with C and promptly forgets the bag off food. He comes back half an hours later and then takes off again with the food bag, T and the dog in tow. The party is in a local park, so T and Milo will get a chance to have a run around and let off some steam.

I’m not sure what I do while they are gone. Tidy up (the never ending task), send a few emails, potter, shower. A couple of hours fly by in no time and then the crew are back and it’s time to have a quick lunch (hot dogs), pack up some more g-free goodies (potato chips, water melon, chocolate chip cookies, rice cakes) and head off to the next party. A friend is celebrating the fact that she has just become an American with a big picnic in another local park. It’s a beautiful day and perfect to be sitting on a picnic blanket, eating, drinking and chatting. We have a debate on the merits of ‘Muse’. I seem to be the only one who thinks they are awful. Maybe I’m missing something, but I really do feel as if I’ve heard it all before.

The day is almost over and we figure out what to do for dinner. We decide to head home where m feeds the kids something – I really don’t know what, but he is under strict g-free instruction – and I head off to yoga. It’s a yin yoga class at Yogaworks ( in Mill Valley. Super relaxing. Perfect for a Sunday evening and it really helps me sleep. I read an article today about how yoga is really good to cure insomnia in people that have been treated for cancer ( I feel strangely reassured by the fact that I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t sleep too well anymore and there are fellow cancer survivors out there who are permanently tired too. Having said that, I really have been feeling energized since starting yoga just over a month ago. Maybe there is some truth in the article.

I vow to go to bed and read when I get home, but somehow I get stuck at the computer and end up having yet another late night.


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    • g-free mom says:

      Hi Kelly,

      the Snikiddy products look great. Am looking forward to trying them. Have put your promotion up as a post, both here and on Twitter. Good luck!


  2. g-free mom says:

    Hi Kelly,

    the Snikiddy products look great. Am looking forward to trying them. Have put your promotion up as a post, both here and on Twitter. Good luck!


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