Day 17 of being G-free

Day 17

I could get used to having M at home. I love three-day weekends. It’s Memorial Day today and so we click off the alarms as they go off (always forget to switch them off at weekends) and carry on sleeping. T comes down and offers us salami – he always raids the fridge and tries to feed us strange things when we sleep late. We hear the clicking of the computer keyboard upstairs – that means C is awake and is taking advantage of the fact that we are still in bed and are not telling him ‘no screen time in the morning’. He is computer obsessed. I haven’t quite decided whether that’s a good or a bad thing yet. I can’t really blame him, given that he sees his dad with his head in the computer so much of the time.  Everything in moderation. Right?

We have a lazy breakfast with Udi’s gluten free bread and big helping of fresh fruit. It’s a beautiful day and we breakfast outside, looking forward to a BBQ that we will host with friends later in the day.

The house has somehow reached bombsite status and so the big clean up begins before our guests arrive. They are good friends and I really would love to relax and just have them take us as they find us, but pride (or something) gets the better of me and I decide that I need to have the place ship shape and Bristol fashion in the next 2 hours.

M takes the dog with him on a run and then heads off for the grocery store, having decided that he is going to have a Mediterranean theme for today’s BBQ (whatever that means). The kids play with lego and keep themselves well amused while operation clean up is in action.

Once the house is acceptable and I’ve showered, we decide to have a quick walk up the hill to our friends who have just had a beehive installed in their garden. On having the option to also have one placed in our garden, I decided to wait and hold off until next year, gleaning advice and tips from our new neighborhood beekeepers this year.

It’s the bee’s busy time of day when we arrive and so we watch them from a distance instructing the kids to be quiet and not to disturb the bees while they are hard at work. They are Italian honey bees, and apparently very mellow. The kids are delighted to observe the bees and get excited when Megan allows them to try on the beekeepers hat. We all take photos of each other wearing the hat and are then invited in for a taste of the bees honey. What a treat! The honey is amazing. The kids want more and more. My cell phone rings. Our friends have arrived at the house and are wondering whether they too can join for a viewing of the bees. We play on the swing while we wait and T & C delight in telling all that they have just learned to their friends.

Megan also introduces me to her neighbor, who has a gluten free child. We have a quick chat and agree to have a play date soon. I’m looking forward to picking her brains on more g-free kid friendly tips and recipes. The neighbor is also a vet – always good to know!

By the time we get home, M has made the most amazing steak with a homemade pesto on top, grilled prawn skewers, along with corn on the cob and an amazing beet salad. We put some hot dogs on the BBQ for the kids, but C falls and hurts himself and in the momentary drama the hot dogs get burned. What to do? We quickly rustle up a gluten free pizza, using Udis gluten free pizza crust and pop that on the BBQ, along with some meatballs that we had in the freezer (not gluten-free, unfortunately).

C eats heaps of steak, some corn and some pizza. We finish off with gluten free ginger snaps and chocolate chip cookies, bought by M at Mollie Stones this morning. Today is a good gluten free day.

We sit and chat for a few hours and when it’s time for dinner for the kids, I make salami sandwiches on gluten free bread and hand those to the kids along with some squeeze yoghurts. They are all happy with that offering.

As soon as our friends leave it’s time for a quick bath, story and bed.

The kids have had a super happy day. Can’t believe it’s back to school tomorrow.


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