Day 18 of being G-free

Day 18

Having decided that pizza sandwiches make the perfect lunchbox filler, I quickly whip up yet another pizza using Udi’s pizza crust ( It’s so simple and I really like the fact that I can make a super healthy kids lunch so quickly.

The sun has graced us with it’s presence today and once C is packed off for school, T and I decide to take the dog to Muir Beach ( I love Muir beach either early in the mornings or during the week, when there is hardly anyone there and I can just sit and watch the waves crashing towards the beach.

Today is not the a-typical quiet weekday. The parking lot is pretty full – it turns out that there is a big school field trip in play when we get to the beach. I’ve also underestimated how windy it will be, as the weather was so glorious at home. I’m wearing a summer dress and flip-flops and realize I’m going to be pretty chilly, but T and I agree to press on none-the-less. We take a soccer ball to kick about and take an overjoyed Milo to run about on the sand.

The wind doesn’t really matter once we get there. It gives T an excuse to fabricate a little shelter out of our beach towels and we snuggle under there every time there is a big gust. Milo runs for a while and then digs a huge hole next to our little towel hide out. We make a sculpture out of rocks, kick the ball around for a while and then agree that it’s time to head back for lunch.

T’s school friend comes over for a play date and I make my second Udi’s pizza of the day for the boys. The boys are a bit niggly with each other today – the joys of being a four year old and having to share – especially when it’s about sharing your cool Star Wars Toys. Thank goodness for Charlie and Lola ( books and blowing bubbles – both of which I use as distractions to keep the boys amused.

We head off to pick C up from school and amazingly enough C proves to be the calming influence amongst the boys. I marvel at how grown up he seems when he gets into the car and I delight in the fact that he doesn’t get upset when the answer to whether the little guys played in his room or not is affirmative, or how he shrugs his shoulders when T’s friend tells him that he has lost C’s Nemo stuffy. A few weeks ago those things would really have upset him. We really are on the path to recovery and I am grateful for having found a solution in the herbs and gluten, milk and cheese free diet.

Cale arrives to pick up her little guy just before we head off to baseball practice. She’s feeling pretty sick and I worry about how she is going to get through the rest of her day with her 3 children, as well as hoping that it’s nothing contagious, as she sounds awful. Time will tell.

Baseball practice comes and goes. C’s focus is still not quite what it should be. I make the excuse that it’s the end of the day and that he’s tired, but wonder how to get him on track with a sport that he really enjoys participating in, but doesn’t have the enthusiasm to give it his all for in practice. Maybe next year will be better when his health is back on track?

We get home and the boys are allowed a 30minute TV show while I rustle up a Turkey Chili dinner.

G-free moms Turkey Chili

1lb minced turkey

1 yellow onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed

1 green pepper, finely chopped

1 can chopped tomatoes with green chillis

1 can chilli beans (pinto and kidney bean mix) A little oregano and additional chilli powder, if desired

The rest is easy:

1. Sear the onions, peppers and garlic.

2. Brown the mince

3. Add the beans and tomatoes, oregano and possibly more chilli

4. Simmer for about 20 mins.

5. Enjoy

We play a game of Stratego after dinner. C insists on playing level 2. I wonder whether I’ll be able to keep up with the rules, but C keeps me on my toes. I’m amazed at how well he plays a pretty complex game. I love playing games with the kids and always wonder why we don’t do it more often. We’ve agreed to have a computer free week this week, with computer game time replaced with board games and family LEGO ( building time. I think it’ll do us all good.

The boys soon fall into a peaceful sleep after a tie-breaking game and I set to baking gluten free chocolate chip cookies with the WholeFoods ( 365 bake mix that I have in the cupboard. C has an end of year drama party tomorrow and I plan to give him the cookies so that he can share them and also have a gluten-free party snack option for himself.

I make the mix while watching the news about the Israeli bombing of the flotilla into Gaza and the resulting outrage worldwide. There has been no significant US response as yet. We wonder how it will unfold… (this post is a few days after this event and Helen Thomas has since retirted:


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