Day 20 of being G-free

Day 20

It’s a rush to drop off the kids this morning. Some mornings I’m lucky and M helps by dropping C at school, but today I’m on my own. I quickly make Pamela’s ( bread sandwiches and pop them into the lunchboxes with some raw veggies and fruit. I get C to school on time, then drop off T at pre-school and read a book to him before giving the dog a quick walk and heading to yoga.

Yoga stumps me a bit today, as the teacher pays homage to a teacher/colleague of hers who had breast cancer and didn’t make it. I take deep breaths and try to fathom why it is that that upsets me so much. I guess it’s the fear of re -occurrence and the realization that I came pretty close to being one of those ‘didn’t make it’ statistics.  I allow myself a couple of tears and then move on.

I come out of yoga and quickly check my emails on my iphone. A friend has forwarded an email that there is an extra 15% off at Loehmanns ( until Monday with this email. Just as I plan to ring her, she calls. We hatch plans and 30 minutes later we are on the road to the city for a quick shopping spree.

It’s my first time in Loehmanns and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I have my check-list of things I’ve been needing (well – wanting) for a while and I find them all. Great jeans, some t-s, some new shoes, a cute gift for a friend and also for my god daughter. A perfect impromptu day out with the great company of a good friend.

We congratulate each other on our purchases as we leave. Our trip halted by the need to get back home to pick up the kids. Good job really.

I pick up C first and then T. We head to Trader Joe’s (, as we are in dire need of groceries. C has a complete, low blood sugar, meltdown on the way. I am just about to give up, turn around and go home as I can’t see how on earth we can get around the supermarket when C is this fried, when I promise that we’ll find a treat when we get there and everything seems to be ok again.

The treat of the day is a box of Trader Joes brown rice marshmallow treats ( We are all delighted to find that they are gluten free. I hand one each to the boys as soon as they are paid for at the check-out. I instantly have two happy campers again. A big sigh of relief.

It’s late when we get home and so I revert to an easy dinner option. We have Amy’s enchiladas for dinner while drawing pictures. C is delighted with the enchiladas and asks to have them in his lunch box too. Not a bad idea. I check out the Amy’s website and realize that they have a 14 day gluten free meal plan, using their products. Pretty useful (

I ask C to choose a book to read. He picks out James and the Giant Peach. I’m super happy about this choice and happily begin to read. I begin to wonder about pulling together a kids book club, once C is in 2nd grade.

As I put the kids to bed, I make a vow to go to bed early, as C has a field trip at the San Francisco Zoo ( tomorrow and T and I plan to tag along. Somehow the evening flies by, however and M is still not home from work at midnight as I fall in to bed.


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