Day 21 of being G-free

Day 21

Remember that song ‘We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow”? ( . That feels like us today. C is so excited. T is too – kind of – but he’s quite convinced that we are actually going to see a circus and not the zoo.

We drop C off at school to go en masse with his friends, I make myself a spectacularly bad cappuccino (what went wrong?), pack T a lunchbox and we head off over the Golden Gate Bridge and down 19th Avenue.

I’ts drizzling as we leave home and so we take rain jackets and boots. I put on boots with heels, which I come to regret that later – but they look great! We park up at the San Francisco Zoo ( and join the throng of school kids. The sun is already breaking through and we have the makings of a great day.

We split into groups and pick off the animals that our kids have been researching in class. C has become an expert on Lemurs and is excited that that’s our first port of call. Cool. We also have swans, eagles and penguins on our list to tackle. The kids have a blast. We sit down to lunch and our group dives into the gluten free Sesmark rice thins ( that I’ve brought to share and which, by the way, I love as they are available in Safeway’s and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

We then head to the Carousel and T is very proud to be part of the big kids crew. So much so that he has a complete meltdown when it’s time to go back home and C decides that he wants to travel back with his friends again, leaving T with boring old me. Oh how I love putting a screaming kid in the car when everyone is staring at me. Not! His anger turns from going home with me instead of with the other kids, to being angry about the fact that we went to the zoo and not a circus. What? Needless to say, he falls asleep within a nanosecond of the car pulling out of the car park.

We gather up C at school and head home, where instead of plowing through the list of things that I’d planned to do this afternoon, we all flop in front of tv for a bit. I make a big coffee and wonder why I feel so totally and utterly exhausted. I put it down to a big day out – not knowing at that point that I’m brewing whooping cough. Sweet joy.

I go into slummy mummy mode and present the kids with Ian’s gluten free corn dogs ( for dinner. There is no way on earth that I can muster the energy to make anything more adventurous. I wonder how I’m going to muster the energy to go out tonight, as we are invited to a friends’ summer party, but I know I’ll get a second wind at some point. Won’t I?

C is also super tired gets into PJs by 6pm. Our sitter arrives at 7 and I make life easy for everyone by putting on a Star Wars movie for the boys and plonking a huge bowl of Trader Joe’s gluten free kettle corn ( in front of them.

M comes home and we jump in a cab with friends to head up to the party up in the hills above Mill Valley. It’s a fun, fun night. We giggle more than we have giggled in a long time and babble on about nothing in the kitchen for an age when we get home. It’s good to see M so happy. Pre-cancer happy. We need more fun nights like this one. Please!


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  1. sarah says:

    loved that night too! M very amusing, would love to have more nights like that too! Love the little asides re. T, he is just so 4!

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