Day 22 of being G-free

Day 22

Needless to say, we have a late start today after our big night out. M makes gluten free pancakes, using Bobs Red Mill pancake mix and rice milk. They are surprisingly delicious. Pancakes seem to be the one gluten free thing that consistently taste good. I should add that the Bobs Red Mill gluten free bread mix did not get the thumbs up from me at all, when baked in my bread making machine.

We eat the pancakes with a large platter of fresh fruit in the garden and comment on what a glorious day it is and how we could quite happily sit here all day, without doing too much of anything else. Just as we say that, however, I remember that C has a baseball game at noon. Given that it’s already past 11, it’s time to have a big dash to get mobilized. Always rushing…

I head to the baseball game with the kids, leaving M behind to get some work done. It’s hot and I realize as we’ve fought our way through the throng of Mill Valley Saturday baseball traffic (there really is such a thing), that we’ve forgotten C’s baseball cap. I tell him to run to his team and T and I do a u-turn to go back home to get the cap.

When we finally get to the game, one of T’s little friends – another of the team players siblings, greets us with delight, as we have the dog in tow. We decide to go for a mini hike with Milo and I miss C’s home run as a result. Bad mom! I have a quick catch up with the other moms and have a giggle about the events of the night before with one friend who was also at the party. The game ends and C has the gluten free snacks that I’ve brought along and we head home to get ready to go to the beach. I make some quick nitrate free beef hot dogs and the kids have them for lunch. I pack the rest up to take with us as snacks (the perfect beach snack solution).

We head to the Sausalito ‘kiddy beach’ for the afternoon. I love this place. It’s a nightmare to get a parking spot, but it’s a perfect place for the kids, with shallow water, no waves, kayaks to rent out when feeling adventurous and crabs to find amongst the rocks.

It’s quite windy and we almost decapitate the people in front of us with our beach umbrella before quickly taking it down. Oops. The afternoon flies. We are quite a group and there is a lot to chat about, so speeding up the clock. The kids have a blast, jumping in and out of a big whole in the sand. At 6pm, I gather up the kids to take them home and make some dinner. It’s at that point that I really wish M was with us. Why do we always have so much to carry when we go to the beach and why does it always seem so much heavier on the way back?

I call M as we head home and he rustles up some spectacular homemade turkey burgers on the BBQ

G-free moms homemade turkey burgers

1lb Turkey mince

3 Salad onions, finely chopped

Handful of Italian flat leafed parsley, finely chopped

Black pepper, to taste

Olive oil to baste

This is as easy and as tasty as it gets:

1. Mix all of the ingredients

2. Shape into 4 burgers

3. Brush with olive oil and pop on the BBQ

4. Enjoy with gluten free ketchup

After dinner, we head up the road to our friends for gluten free roasted marshmallows on their wee BBQ. Such a treat. We marvel that they have built a chicken coup in the last week, since having the bees installed. Wow. Caspian comments “first bees, next chickens, what’s next?”. What’s next indeed. We look forward to seeing the next addition.

As usual, when we go for a walk from our house, the cat tags along too. We’re quite a sight as we walk up the hill – M first, then the kids, me, the dog and the cat. When we come to leave, however, the cat is nowhere to be seen. We all agree that he will follow behind – but I’m not really convinced and when we get home with no Otis in sight the kids strat getting distressed about the cat getting lost. We put them to bed and promise that we will go back out and hunt for Otis.

As I walk back up the hill, with the dog, a flashlight in one hand and a bowl of cat food in the other, we find the cat happily waiting for us to come and collect him, so we wander back down the hill with him in tow this time and the days adventures come to a happy end.


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