Day 23 of being G-free

Day 23

Today I wake up feeling spectacularly lousy. It seems to be my Sunday morning thing to do and I usually put it down to plain old tiredness, but today there is something not quite right. I’ve lost my voice (oh no!) and my body aches. I make it upstairs where M has already fed the kids breakfast and wonder whether a coffee will help kick-start me, as the phone rings.

M answers the phone. It’s Cale, letting us know that she has just been confirmed as having whooping cough. She describes her symptoms and it seems pretty clear that I have the same thing. I call the doctor and he agrees that it sounds as if I have the symptoms of whooping cough. He prescribes antibiotics.

C wants to buy a new DS game with his pocket money this morning and the timing is perfect. M has a heap of work to do and I’m not going to be much good to anyone today. The boys troop off to Toys R Us and come back absolutely delighted that we’re letting them glue themselves to their DS’s for the afternoon. I marvel at how we managed with the kids throughout the whole cancer treatment thing. If this is how much of a standstill we come to on day 1 of me being sick, how did we cope?

A close friend from London calls and we chat about my plans for our week there at the end of the month. It’ll be her birthday while we are there and I really can’t wait to see her.  I’m excited about the trip, but also daunted about traveling around Europe (England, Germany and Sweden) solo with the boys, until M is able to join us. I’m less daunted by the g-free thing than I was initially, but time will tell how that whole side of the trip goes.

M makes an amazing organic, grass fed steak from WholeFoods ( for dinner on the BBQ and serves it up with some fresh vegetables. I haven’t felt like eating much today, but this I can’t resist.

It’s soon bedtime and it takes both boys a while to accept that it’s time to sleep. T declares that “I’m too tired to sleep” and so I let him snuggle up on the sofa beside me until he begins to snore, wondering whether we are going to have a morning of doctors visits tomorrow to get to the bottom of this potential whooping cough thing, as I haven’t been able to get any answers today on quarantine protocol for me and whether or not the kids also need to be on antibiotics (apparently that is what the Health Department is decreeing).

I send a few emails pre-empting some cancellations to social commitments in the next few days. One is with a friend who is over from Basel in Switzerland for the week. I was supposed to be having dinner with him at Bix ( in San Francisco tomorrow night. I’m sorely disappointed that it looks as if I may be missing out on the evening and silently hope for a miraculous recovery by tomorrow.


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