Day 24 of being G-free

Day 24

I spend the morning trying to figure out if I really have whooping cough and what to do with T. We’ve run out of Milo’s hypoallergenic dog food and the poor dog is starving, so we go out and get some groceries and dog food. I do my best not to breathe on anyone and get in and out of the stores as quickly as I can. We get back home and I collapse on the sofa and let T play Cbeebies games ( on the computer all afternoon. I’m amazed at how he navigates the website and how well he plays the counting and matching games. I tell myself that an afternoon of computer is better than him being stuck in front of tv.

I get a call back from T’s doctor, to confirm that he needs to go on antibiotics asap. It is the health department decree. C had antibiotics last week , as he’d been in close contact with a friend at school who also had the dreaded ‘WC’. Apparently this antibiotic will stay in his body for 2 weeks. Good news. I’m still telling myself that I maybe don’t have whooping cough at all though. Maybe? I’m not really one for stuffing antibiotics into my kids, but it seems the lesser of both evils this time.

We pick C up late from school. He has been at the after school play program and I can see from the chocolate around his lips that he has succumbed to the Oreos that they get there as snack. I remind him that he can’t eat cookies that aren’t gluten free and tell the lady who supervises about him being off gluten for a while. She suggests that he brings a bag of snacks with his name on next time that she can have there for whenever he comes again. Why didn’t I think of that myself? Am thankful, again, that he doesn’t have allergies and realize what a nightmare it must be to keep tabs on what your kids eat if they do suffer from bad allergies/celiacs disease.

By 5pm the nurse finally calls me back on the question of what the protocol is for this whole whooping cough thing and to discuss whether I should treat myself as a definite case. My symptoms are apparently classic and I’m to stay in quarantine for 5 days. Ughh

I’m so grateful that M filled the freezer with easy gluten free ready meals at the weekend and I resort to feeding the kids Ian’s fish fingers ( for dinner with frozen peas and corn. I also pop Ian’s chicken nuggets in the oven as lunch box fodder for tomorrow.

I put the kids to bed and am happy to see M when he finally makes it home from another long old day in ‘the Valley’. (


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