Day 26 of being G-free

Day 26

Another quiet day in quarantine today. I’m secretly loving the pajama time at home, but am not overly excited about the fact that I still feel so lousy. This is definitely not a fun thing to have caught.

Babette picks up T for his swim lesson in the morning. He goes kicking and screaming declaring that he wants to stay home with me, but I know he’ll be happy within 5 minutes of leaving me. It turns out that he, of course, has a blast and stays with his friend for the rest of the day, even going for a hike in the afternoon across the Marin Headlands (

C has an after-school play date. His friends’ sister is also in her tail and of whooping cough. I feel reassured that C has had his antibiotics and sincerely hope that he stays healthy.

The house is super quiet with just the dog, the cat and myself. I decide to put the little energy that I have to good use. I book swim lessons for C at Homestead Valley pool (//, iron what seems like a million shirts for M, start to make notes for our house sitter who will be staying here this summer, email the crew in London that I’m hoping to catch up with and arrange a night out at the Lamb (

I also make contact with a super healthy foodie friend of a friend. ( Turns out that Sandra is writing a book at the moment. Clever lady! We agree to hook up for coffee once we are back from our travels this summer.

Our friends drop the kids back home and I make a quick dinner with the warmed up soup from yesterday, the Pamela’s bread ( that I’ve baked in the bread maker this afternoon, followed by the easiest, most delicious gluten free desert ever:

Ginger snap and sorbet cookie sandwiches

Ginger snap and sorbet cookie sandwiches

  1. Take 2 gluten free ginger snap cookies
  2. Smother one with your sorbet of choice (our favorite is Trader Joe’s raspberry sorbet)
  3. Put the other cookie on top
  4. Eat before they melt, or if you can resist, make a few and pop them in the freezer for the next desert time.

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  1. Yep, yummy, easy, and so attractive, too. :-) Hope you feel better. I’ve got something going on with me here on vacation. Hence, that’s why I’m on the computer at the moment and not out on the beach. Venturing out soon for a bit and keeping my fingers crossed though.


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