Day 28

I’m Free! Quarantine over. Although, I must confess that I have secretly enjoyed the enforced pajama time. T and I have got our work cut out for us today. The chores have piled up high while I’ve been stuck indoors.

We have a slow start and then find ourselves rushing – as usual – to C’s Earth Song at school. We watch all of the grades perform their songs in honor of Earth Day. Very sweet, but we are melting in the heat. T seeks shelter under my dress and C must be frying out there on the hot playground.

We then head off to the bank, the post office, the library, Toys R Us to buy yet more birthday party gifts and then on to the new WholeFoods ( in town. We struggle to get a parking spot – it’s obviously THE new place to be. We tie the dog up outside and wander in to experience what is being hailed as the flagship grocery store of the future. I get that it’s a nice store, I really do, but given that I’m not a big fan of schlepping around supermarkets I can’t get overly excited. I do like that its super spacious and I love the fact that there are heaps of Udi’s products ( on prominent display. I stock up on Udi’s bread and bagels (the only brand, in my humble opinion, that actually tastes like bread and bagels) and lot’s of yummy fresh fruit and veg.

We make a quick dash home for lunch and then pick up C and his friend up from school and ferry them to a Friday afternoon birthday that they’ve both been invited to. I like this birthday party. It’s officially gluten and dairy free. I can relax knowing that C will be able to eat anything he wants too.

The conversation in the car on the way to the party is as hilarious as ever. We turn into a street on which one of the boys school friends lives. C’s friend comments on the fact that she is really wealthy. C quips back with “my mom is really wealthy”. I quickly chime in that I’m wealthy because I have my health and my family and all that I could possibly need – and then some, but that money isn’t important. C quickly says, “I don’t care about money either”. J makes sure to jump in and says “neither do I”. T – my wonderful 4 year old, however, says “I do”. Ah well – it seems we have a budding financier in the family.

We leave C and J at the party and head to Homestead pool ( to pay for C’s swim lessons that are set to begin next week. We are so hot and it’s pure torture to see a crowd of people splashing about in the cool water. We wish we were getting in, but there is no time. We take the pooch for a cool walk beneath the Redwoods at Old Mill park and then head back to the birthday party.

By the time we get home, we are all fried – quite literally. It’s the hottest day of the year and my head feels boiled. It’s time to let the kids watch a movie and make a super easy dinner. I heat up a can of Trader Joe’s ( vegetable chili – it’s really supposed to be part of my earthquake stash, but needs must and I heat up some taco shells in the oven to go with it. So easy. The kids love it. Sometimes simplicity really does reign.

Katy calls to forward a question from the potential house sitter from Chihauhau. She is now wondering if she can bring a friend. M is quite happy about that thought. Mmm. Need to chew on that one for a bit. Not that I don’t trust my husband, I hasten to add.

M gets home and watches the end of Star Wars I with us. I think we are all happy that it’s Friday.