Day 29

We have the Udis bagels ( that I bought yesterday at the new WholeFoods (, for breakfast. We delight in the fact that they taste like real bagels and that it’s so good for us to be sharing a gluten free breakfast together that we all enjoy. M has been threatening to start his own blog, “where the **** is my ciabatta”, these past weeks, but maybe our Udi’s discovery will help knock that crazy notion on the head.

It’s the big World Cup match today ( England v USA. We’d considered going to the big screening in AT&T park, but it’s too hot and I feel too tired from the whooping cough episode, so M graciously offers to take C to his final baseball game while I go to Wellingtons ( in Sausalito to join Sarah and Jane there, soak up some atmosphere and watch the game on the big screen.

The game is of course old news by the time I post this blog, but what a game. The England goal is scored in the first 5 minutes. The large English crowd in the bar goes wild. I have tears in my eyes and feel a sudden pang of homesickness. Never thought I’d be so happy about England scoring a goal, but it really is brilliant and our spirits are high. High, that is, until they are dashed by the appalling US goal. How did that slip in. How? Enough said. Even my wearing a Union Jack jacket didn’t help:

I get home and C didn’t make it to his baseball game after all. He got so excited about the soccer match that he refused to go. The boys are still in pj’s and super happy to be having a quiet day. We whittle away the afternoon, having a big move around of C’s bedroom in order to make him a perfect LEGO building corner and a new home for his keyboard.

Before we know it, it’s 6pm. Time for some quick brown rice pasta, with turkey hot dogs and broccoli for the kids and we then head over to our friends house where the kids will be spending the evening with a sitter, while we adults go out for dinner.

We have a lovely evening at Boulevard ( The food is amazing, the wine is perfect and the company is delightful. I can’t comment on the g-freeness of the food. I take off that hat for the evening. We gather up T on the way home and leave C to have a sleepover with his friend. I’ve packed Trader Joe’s gluten free pancakes and Udi’s bagels for him for breakfast and so I can relax knowing that’s all taken care of.