Day 3 of G-free London

Earthquakes, earthquakes and more earthquakes

I miraculously wake up before the kids this morning. It’s another steamy sunny day in London and the apartment is flooded with sunlight at 6.30am. It’s nice to open the big window, sip a coffee and watch the world wake up and start going to work. I manage to do some yoga – have pledged to keep the exercise thing up while away. C wakes up and comments that it’s a shame that I didn’t bring my yoga mat. Too true.

My dad brings breakfast and we have a quick bite before heading to meet an old college friend with her baby and go to the Natural History Museum ( Alison is meeting us too and somehow we all time it pretty perfectly to rendezvous at Miss Ellies cookies within 15 minutes of each other. We are reminded of our college days, when Libby used to work here and we were envious of the free cookies that she’d take home. Funny. I feel quite overwhelmed with emotion when I see her walking up with her swish cream bugaboo. T is delighted by the donuts in Miss Ellies. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him eating anything so quickly. Poor C sits in gluten heaven and consoles himself with his favorite drink – a Sprite.

We ‘do’ the dinosaurs and then quickly dash up to the simulated earthquake in a supermarket before heading out to the lawn and a potential picnic lunch. I use the fake earthquake as an opportunity to remind the kids to get under a table or doorframe quickly if they ever feel that rumbling feeling. I have no idea at the time that a 4.0 is about to wake Martin up in his bed in sunny California within an hour of our simulated experience.

Michele, another friend, joins us on the lawn for lunch and we then troop back into the museum to grab a bite. It’s at that point that I realize that I haven’t had my good gluten free head on that morning. I’ve had such a good few days here that I didn’t come prepared with anything other than a packet of rice cakes. We go to three cafes in the museum before we find anything other than sandwiches and pasta. The kids wind up with popcorn, fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch and C asks “what are we having for lunch?” “This is your lunch” is not really the answer that he wants to hear.

The boys soon get restless and we make the hot walk up to the Diana Memorial ( The boys have a blast and make a couple of friends with whom they go round and round the memorial with, getting wetter and wetter with every circuit. I’m glad that I brought dry clothes and when the new friends head home, we decide that it’s time to jump in a cab and make the quick promised stop at Hamleys ( Gluttens for punishment? Oh yes.

2 LEGO sets later – thank you Aunty Alison! – we quickly beat rush hour and head back home via Piccadilly Circus. We are fried when we get home and T has a big blister on his foot – bless him. We eat dinner with my dad. He conjures up a delicious tomatoey chicken risotto and we fill our hungry tummys. The boys build LEGO, but are beyond tired and they fall asleep within minutes once their heads lie still on the pillows. I have a much needed glass of Rosé and fall into bed next to my angels not long after.


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