Day 30

I can’t believe we’ve been gluten free for 30 days now. Am not sure whether it’s gone by really fast, or if it seems like we’ve been eating this way forever. We’ve definitely found our groove and I’ve learned that the secret is to keep it simple and to ensure that we have a well stocked kitchen of gluten free goodies at all time and with a good balance of Trader Joe’s goodies with a bit of speciality stuff from WholeFoods and Mollie Stones thrown in there as special treats, it doesn’t need to break the bank either.

Only 3 more days of school until the summer vacation begins. This thought makes the fact that it’s a Monday seem less bad than usual. I quickly bake up some Ian’s chicken nuggets ( for C’s lunch box and pop in some vegetable sticks and some fruit. I’m delighted that I’ll be off lunch box duty within days.

Once we’ve taken C to school, T and I head to Boyle Park. The funny outdoor fitness fanatics are at it in full force again today with their crazy exercises. This time they have tucked themselves in the corner, away from kids, and dogs chasing after balls. My phone rings and it’s the potential house sitter from Chihuahua. She tells me that she can’t do it after all, as she’ll be replacing her nanny friend join her job for the summer, but tells me that the friend who was going to accompany her called ‘funny’ still really wants to stay and house sit. She sounds wonderful and so I think that her friend is definitely worth talking to. She tells me that ‘F’ will call me later that day.

We troop to Trader Joe’s. Milo waits patiently outside at the pooch parking spot. I go with a meticulously planned shopping list, but still come out with a cart piled high full of all sorts of stuff. What did I say about this malarkey not breaking the bank?

A quick dash back home, T and I share sushi that we’ve just bought at TJ’s and then we head to the pool to meet T’s buddy for a quick swim. After an hour, it’s a quick about turn to pick up C from school and to head to the other pool for his lesson with his favorite swim teacher of all times. While we are in the car, I get a call from ‘funny’. She sounds sweet, but definitely doesn’t give the same impression as her friend who called early today. I ask her to email me and suggest we clarify all expectations in writing. I think I am getting cold feet about the chica from Chihuahua looking after my house this summer.

Swimming is definitely the one area where his anxious behavior has been displayed the most prominently for what seems like an age. We’re trying a new combination today. It’s C’s favorite teacher, but in a new pool. This pool is smaller, quieter and not as intimidating as other places he has swum. I do my best to keep my cool and treat it like just another Monday afternoon, but the fact is that we kept C out of swimming lessons since January, when he became so anxious that it became clear that we just needed to take that stress out of his life for a while. Now, 30 days after taking his Chinese herbs and changing his diet, he is a different boy. He jumps into the pool and is delighted to be there. He is happy and confident and does really, really well. It’s really exciting to see and I breathe a huge sigh of relief. What a difference 30 days can make!

We go home to Trader Joe’s salmon fish cakes and quinoa with corn and broccoli. We then make the most perfect raspberry jam ever and eat it on Udi’s bread for desert. (

Will I stop at documenting the journey after 30 days? Hell no. Our gluten free travel diary is set to begin as we head to Europe this week.