Day 4 of being G-free

Day 4

The early wake up routine takes place yet again. The extra half hour gains us so much time that I offer up bacon and eggs as an option for breakfast. On a school day! I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with myself as I cook up some turkey bacon and soft boil a couple of eggs.

I also toast some of the rice flour bread ( that has been highly recommended. C had tried a piece yesterday evening and deemed it to be ok, so I thought that the whole bread nightmare was done and dusted in one easy swoop. Not so fast though. The bacon is greeted with delight. The eggs get eaten at lightning spread, but the toasted soldiers (cut strips of bread – an English thing – cut specifically to dunk into your soft boiled egg), are pushed to one side. I ask what’s wrong with the bread. “it doesn’t taste good mama”. Oh bugger. I guess that would have been way to easy. I don’t make a big thing out of the fact that today’s lunch box turkey sandwiches have already been made with the very same ‘yukky’ bread. For the record, I think it tastes pretty ok…

After school drop off I walk the dog, rush to yoga (rushing and yoga don’t seem to go hand in hand, but somehow I‘m always rushing to yoga) and then head to Wholefoods ( Again! Why am I in Wholefoods again? I pick up the gluten free ketchup and some Envirokidz ( rice crispy bars. My kids love the Berry Blast bars from Envirokidz – regardless of their new gluten free status in our household. Wholefoods has run out of that flavor today and so I pick up a box of the chocolate ones and hope for the best.  I also buy some gluten free chocolate cookies that I tasted at my friends house the day before and thought were pretty good. I digress and buy a cute tooth fairy pillow for C’s wobbly teeth (finally) and some sunscreen and a stash of organic chicken and vegetable stocks (going to be using a stash of that stuff I think). Why is it that I can never come out of Wholefoods having only bought the things that I went in there to buy?

After a quick bite to eat and some housework (tres dull), I pick up C and his friend from school and we head back to our house for some snacks and a little down time before baseball practice. I know the boys are always ravenous straight after school, so I pull out the new gluten free chocolate cookies thinking that I am offering a special treat. After one bite and too declarations of ‘they are disgusting’, I consider that purchase a failed exercise. I offer fruit, but C’s friend isn’t enamoured by that healthy offering and so I hand them each one of the chocolate Envirokidz bars. They are satisfied with this offering for a short while before asking for more food. C gets some fruit and some rice crackers. His friend is offered some of the gluten filled snacks that are still in the cupboard. Big mistake. C hasn’t complained once as yet about this diet change, but when he sees his buddy chowing down on one of his favorite snacks that he can no longer have, he is not best pleased. Oops. Lesson learned.

I have high hopes for baseball practice. A more focused C? Maybe? Maybe not… He is tired. I guess I can’t expect miracles just yet?

Dinner. Round two of yesterdays chilli filled into taco shells with some fresh salad on the side. Trader Joes rice crispy treats for desert. The mandatory daily play with Lego, a book, the evening dose of Tibetan herbs and off for another complaint free brushing of teeth and sleep.

Today’s lunchbox

Turkey sandwiches on rice flour bread. Baby carrots, tomatoes and some celery. Rice crackers for snack (the Trader Joes ones, but they have soy in – which I’m on the fence about being ok or not. Apparently some soy sauces have gluten in them). Fresh rasberries.

(Unfortunately all of the bread comes home untouched – but I will keep on trying. Apparently it takes time to get rid of the desire and taste for gluten).


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