Escaping the heat of the city

Today we escape the heat of the city. We pack up a bag with snacks, Nintendo DS’s for the train journey and my laptop and head to Walton on Thames via Waitrose to buy some gluten free bread (Genius gluten free – delicious) and the Post Office where the kids spend their pocket money on Kinder Eggs as gifts for the friends that they are about to visit.

We take the bus to Waterloo and the boys are delighted about sitting at the front, on the top deck of a double decker bus. We quickly get tickets at waterloo and find our platform for the next train, but then poor T gets his head stuck in the ticket barrier as he tries to barge through after C. Not a good moment. He is quickly consoled by the fact that he’s getting on a train – he’s really liking all of this transport stuff.

We spend the day being spoiled by my friend Sarah, who blows up an enormous paddling pool in the back garden and makes the most perfect, from scratch, gluten free chicken nuggets for tea. Libby joins us for a bit too and the time flies by so quickly that I can hardly believe it when we are standing on the train platform again at 6pm.

We navigate our way back to Russell Square, pointing out to the kids why rush hour is called rush hour, as we push our way through everyone rushing through Waterloo. We agree that Waterloo is called Waterloo, as the subway smells like a ‘loo’ and Caspian takes charge as he tells me exactly which bus we need to get on the way home and where we need to disembark. It’s amazing how quickly the kids have gotten into the groove of the big city and how easily they are navigating their way around it.

We stop at Costa Coffee on Marchmont Street for a quick wifi fix. I smile about the fact that ‘mummy needs coffee’ has quickly transformed itself into ‘mummy needs wifi’. The boys are happy, as I allow them a drink of Fanta each while I quickly cobble together a blog post and check my email.  Grandad swings by to pick them up and I have 10 minutes of ‘me’ time.  He takes them to the sweet shop on the way home. Aren’t holidays great?

At bed time, C says that he wants to go home as he wants to see his friends. T declares that we are home. At that point I conclude that I have gotten things quite wrong with my two boys. I’ve always had C down as the traveler and T as the home boy. I suddenly realize that it’s probably quite the reverse. You live and learn!