Big boobs and Potter

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to London we go. With out gluten free snacks and our big back packs, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.

We’re on the move again after our last full day up North yesterday. A quiet day was on the cards for us all, after all of the activities of recent weeks. My mum had a wide range of gluten free meal options on offer, but after days of eating, there was no desire for anything much or anything complicated. A gluten free dinosaur-shaped toast fest was declared as on the menu by the kids for lunch.

After no more toast and home made jam can be consumed, T and I drive into Durham for a spot of shopping and some ice cream. C stays behind to go on a treasure hunt through the woods with Oma, followed by an ice lolly. It’s the first time the boys have had some time away from each other for 2 weeks, and it provides some light relief for us all.

It’s lovely to amble around Durham on a sunny day. Everyone has time for a smile and a quick chat. T patiently trawls around the standard favorites – with a trip to M&S as the highlight. Can’t really have a visit to Blighty, without a trip to M&S, can I? I marvel at the fact that the standard M&S bra size seems to be 44E these days. What happened to good old 34B? Is the English population really that huge nowadays? It doesn’t really seem that way, or maybe I’m missing something. My mum declares that obesity is far more prevalent in the UK than in the US. Really?

We oo and ah at Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral at the top of the hill and have a tub of delicious Thornton’s ice cream – all labeled as gluten free.

Back home we watch the first Harry Potter movie – The Philosophers Stone. A must-do after visiting Alnwick Castle the day before, where many of the scenes from the movie are filmed. C is very impressed by the fact that we’ve been there and becomes thoroughly engrossed in the movie.

We have hot-dogs with gluten-free baguette (delicious – thank you Sainsbury’s) and fresh salad from the garden for dinner and quickly pack up our things again before falling sleepily into bed. The time here has flown and I can hardly believe that another part of our trip has ended already.

M texts from Santiago. He has landed safely and posts an amazing view from his hotel room onto Facebook. He plans to go skiing at the weekend. Amazing. Only 2 more weeks before we se him again.