Goats, big wheels and swallowed balloons

This morning we set out to discover Coram’s Fields (http://www.coramsfields.org/). It’s one of the only 3 childrens playgrounds that seems worthy of a mention in the Children’s section of the London Time Out guide. It’s just around the corner, so seems crazy not to check it out. We stop off at Costa Coffee for a quick wifi fix en route. I get a Facebook message from M’s cousin Viktor to say that he is also in town right now. He asks to hook up for lunch tomorrow, but we already have plans, so I ping him a few alternative thoughts and ask him to text me. Would be great to see him and a total coincidence, given that he is now living in Barcelona.

Coram’s fields is cool. In fact it’s super cool. Adults are only allowed in there if accompanied by a child. Goats, and a sheep roam around, while chickens cluck away and rabbits hop about in pens. There are a few playground areas and an Austrian café. Why Austrian, of all things? The boys are delighted and have a great time running off some steam. I feel awful telling them that we need to go back home, but my aunt and uncle have traveled down from Nottingham to see us and we are expected back at the flat for lunch at 12 noon.

Both boys are on a go-slow back to the flat. They are starting to get tired. It’s a good thing that we only have a few more crazy city days left before we head to the countryside. It’s great to see my aunt and uncle. We have a perfect g-free lunch of chicken, potatoes and summer veg, with fruit for desert. We then pack up and head for the bus to waterloo, where we get off and walk to the London Eye (http://www.londoneye.com/).

It’s hot and sticky again when we get to the ‘Eye’ and the queue is ever so long, despite timed tickets, so I quickly buy the boys ice lollies to keep them going. We have perfect views from our pod on the London Eye and it’s an enjoyable ‘flight’. It seems to be over in no time and we head to Covent Garden via a drink outside the Royal Festival Hall.

We watch a crazy street entertainer in Covent Garden (http://www.coventgardenlondonuk.com/). C and T shriek with delight as he swallows a balloon and juggles with knives. It’s such fun and I have a moment where I struggle to remember why M and I left this city.

I have a quick pit stop for a funky green bag in Cath Kidson (http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/) – my one London ‘must-have’ and then head back home where everyone except C and me (I abstain in solidarity) has a big piece of cake.

I make the kids gluten free sausages for tea and can’t quite believe how much C eats. I guess we’ve walked a lot again today. Story time with Grandad reading ‘Captain Underpants’, delights C and T quickly falls asleep. Tonight, I’m not far behind again in the land of nod.