Day 6 of being G-free

Day 6

By now I’m overwhelmed at the amazing response that I’ve had from my friends about posting this blog. I expected nowhere near the amount of encouragement and support that I have received. I’m excited and determined to keep it going and cross my fingers that everyone will keep reading and contributing.

For breakfast today we make another gluten free discovery. The gluten free mini pancakes sold in the freezer section at Trader Joes ( My friend gave me a sampling of them earlier in the week and I pop them into the toaster straight out of the freezer. Easy. T, for some reason, decides to throw a huge strop about the fact that they are small. Don’t I get the fact that he wants a big pancake? But, he calms down once C declares how delicious they are and another simple gluten free culinary success is declared.

It’s Quinoa pasta, turkey and some baby carrots, tomatoes and cucumber in the lunch box again today. An Envirokidz bar for snack (despite the fact that we are supposed to provide garbage free lunches). I tell C to eat it at morning recess and throw the wrapper away then – that way he’ll still technically have a garbage free lunch – no? He also has a tub of juicy organic strawberries – nice.

I’m dashing from one school to the next, then a quick – but wonderfully calming walk with the dog, and late to yoga – again. I am wearing a smile on my face today and somehow people let me into the crocodile line of morning school run/commuter traffic at the usual awkward junctions. It’s important to note that no-one ever gives way at awkward junctions and so I amazed that it happens not once, but three times this morning.

At yoga practice I have 2 intentions. ‘health’ and ‘success’. Success for me has come to mean a completely different thing than it used to. Success used to be directly linked to my career and be measured by whether or not we won the latest pitch, or got some good press around the latest launch, or whether I got a pay rise or a promotion etc etc. I measure success differently now. I consider it to be a successful day if we have all been happy as a family. I strive for success in the health and wellbeing of my children and in maintaining my own health. I’ll consider it a success if I stay in remission and at some point am declared cured of cancer. I feel successful if I’ve managed to stay in downward dog in a yoga class without my fingers in my left hand going numb (I had a tone of muscle removed and nerves severed when my tumor was removed – it causes all sorts of strange things to happen in my left arm. Hadn’t really prepared myself for that eventuality). Success is putting a home cooked meal in front of my kids and them genuinely enjoying it. The list is endless. Success is to be had in most things. I will continue to strive for it.

After yoga, I meet some girlfriends for coffee in Sausalito. We sit outside at the relatively new café Cibo  ( It’s pretty cool and the coffee is really good. We are four girls and one of us likens us to Sex in the City. We giggle. Today is a good day. Must make plans to go see the new movie when it comes out!

As I order my cappuccino and my granola with yoghurt, I consciously peruse the menu to see what the gluten free options would be if I brought C here. The answer is pretty much nada. I guess I could persuade them to make a little bacon and eggs, but off the menu – no chance. The whole place is a gluten lovers dream. One of the emails I received today is from one of the moms at school who has celiacs disease, as does her son. She brings home to me the horror of never being able to eat baguette again. It makes me realize how lucky we are that abstaining from gluten is a potentially temporary measure. I wonder how we’ll feel in a few months time when we are told that C can eat gluten again. Will we go storming straight to the nearest bakery and gorge, or will we all feel so much better on our new diet that we’ll stick with it and allow ourselves the occasional treat? Time will tell.

C has a play date today with a little boy from his class who is also gluten and dairy free. The boys are a delight together and are so sweet about the snacks that are offered to them. The offering seems so dull in comparison to what I was dishing up a week ago, and yet I get an exclamation of ‘I love mango’ and ‘these crackers taste great’.

After the play date it’s back to the supermarket again. I’m about to cook a Jamie Oliver recipe for tomato soup and I need to buy some onions and red vinegar. I also pick up some Sesmark rice thins and some Quaker rice cakes along with some fresh fruit. Safeways this time and so the bill totals a whopping $25. Oh what a difference that makes…

I labor over the seemingly perfect fresh tomato soup. It’s a tad watery when done – sorry Jamie, but I think it’s a pretty good effort. I’ve substituted the double cream with natural yoghurt and wonder whether that made much of a difference.

We eat the soup with Food for Life Rice Flour Bread ( It’s an acquired taste, but we are getting there. Nobody complains about the bread this time – in fact they don’t even notice it’s not the real deal. T loves the soup (wonders never cease), but C is not convinced. Given the fact that it’s C’s taste buds that I am trying to woo, I decide that I probably won’t be making this again in a hurry. C begs me for cheese to go with the bread. I cave in and allow him a few slivers of goats milk cheddar. I know this is probably a no, but the poor kid is so desperate for something tasty and familiar. A few days later he tells me that the goats cheese was a bad plan and that his tummy hurt afterwards. I guess it’s good that he learned the lesson – albeit the hard way.

The quick Thursday dash for any unfinished homework, a story, showers then bed.


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