Day 7

As I’m grinding the morning herbs in the pestle and mortar this morning, it dawns on me that C has a birthday party and sleepover this morning and that I not only need to buy the gift and pack his overnight bag, but that I also need to think about what he will take with him to eat. Hadn’t really factored that into my shopping shinanigans this week and so yet another shopping list evolves. I text the mom and ask whether I should bring a stash of food. Not sure why I ask really – of course the answer is yes…

It’s Friday today and so the morning routine is a little less slow than it has been all week. Everyone is slowing down. It’s the end of the week. We’re done! M takes C to school and T and I stay in pj’s for a while, desperately trying to get mobilized for the gift shopping, supermarket expedition. Cale calls and asks if we want to go to the pool with her. I remember that I’m volunteering at school and so she offers to take T swimming with her little boy while I go to do the hot lunch stint at school. What would I do without my friends?

We quickly mobilize and head up the freeway to Toys R Us. We’re in Terra Linda before I realize that I’ve gone too far. Why is it that I always get lost when driving to Toys R Us? Surely all of this Fish Oil is supposed to be improving my cognitive functions? Maybe I’m beyond help. I explain to T that we’ve gone the wrong way. He replies. ‘Again’. Yes, again!

Gift shopping gets ticked. We’re pleased with the choice and hopes the birthday boy will be too. We head for drop off at the pool, I navigate the hot lunch serving and then rush back to the pool to pick up T. All of the time the poor dog is getting schlepped around in the car – I haven’t quite figured out when his walk is going to factor in today. I let him out for a quick stroll at the pool and then to my amazement find t swimming. Yes, swimming. This is totally new and I’m super excited. Yay!!!

We then carry on to Wholefoods. T declares ‘why do we have to go here again? I don’t like it here, I can’t push my own cart’. He’s right, of course. TJ’s with it’s kiddy shopping cars and Safeways with it’s nightmare to push car carts are a far more fun experience for him. I tell him he can choose a drink and a cookie – that solves the problem for now. I pick up more of the Wholefoods gluten free bakery chocolate chip cookies and figure that they’ll be perfect for C when the other kids have birthday cake. I also buy Ian’s gluten free chicken nuggets. They look like a good easy alternative to the birthday pizza. I pick up a stash of Envirokidz bars, as we seem to be going through our supply of gluten free snacks like there is no tomorrow and also some glutino pretzels, as several people have recommended them to me by now. I get myself a coffee – need it SO badly by this point and we head back to C’s school to volunteer for the library session.

I tell C that we have bought him some special gluten free food for the party. He is totally cool about it and not at all upset that he will miss out on pizza and birthday cake. Bless him, he’s a trooper.

We head on to join the Mill Valley public library. C has a research project at school on the Lemur. He is super excited about getting a library card. T is also overjoyed about being to choose some books. He also chooses a dvd to watch as a treat while his big brother is at the birthday party. I make a mental note to come back and see what they have on the subject of ‘gluten free’.

A quick dash home to pack c’s overnight bag, plus his food bag. I add in some Trader Joes potato chips and also mean to put in Trader Joes gluten free pancakes for the morning, but promptly forget. I also pop in some Trader Joes organic lollipops – gluten free apparently, just incase they are needed as a birthday treat candy substitute. I’m conscious that C will miss having his herbs tonight and tomorrow morning. Just too much on top of everything else. I guess everything in moderation – right?

C is delighted to be at the party when we get there. My friend is the perfect host and she is adorably gracious about the whole special diet thing. We aren’t the only ones with a food bag – another one of the kids is also wheat and dairy free.

T is so happy about his library dvd when we get home that he goes to tear it out of its case and promptly snaps it in two. Just great. Day 1 of being public library members and we have already wrecked a dvd. T is adamant that it can be fixed with tape and that it will still play. The more I tell him that it won’t, the more he insists that he will prove to me that I am wrong. I order a new copy of Suart Little 2 on Amazon straight away and hope that the library will be forgiving next week when I hand them a new copy.

We revert to Star Wars 6 instead, as its what the big kids will be watching at the sleepover party. It’s the only thing that will console him. M comes home and I serve up the rest of the tomato soup from yesterday. M is decidedly unimpressed with my culinary skills. “It tastes too tomatoey’. Yeah – it’s tomato soup. Duh! He has a bowl of cereal instead. Fine. At least T appreciated it. Seems crazy that we didn’t just have a huge gluten filled celebratory Friday night pizza, given that C isn’t here, but we’re too tired to think about food anymore. We crack open a bottle of wine – it’s time for my weekend allowed tipple (I’ve had to cut back to a max of 3 glasses of wine per week since having breast cancer, as alcohol is clinically proven to contribute to cancer) and I’m ready for it after the week that we’ve just had.