Day 8 of being G-free

Day 8

It’s amazing how much quieter the house is with only one child in it. We all sleep until late and at around 9am when we open our eyes fully we ask T if he has slept well. He replies that he sleeps much better when C isn’t here. We ask why and he tells us that c always wakes him up. T takes after M’s brother – he really isn’t a morning person and would stay under the covers until lunchtime each day if he could. I regularly carry him to the breakfast table and push food in his mouth while his eyes are half closed. Can’t wait until summer vacation, when he can stay curled up as long as he wants every day.

We get excited about the prospect of a gluten filled breakfast and bake some croissants in the oven. I eat 2 – who knows when my next Saturday morning croissant is going to happen. It’d be torture to C if we ate this kind of stuff in front of him right now.

We are due to pick C up from his sleepover at 10. At 9.50 M announces that he has just remembered that he has a keynote speech to give in Palo Alto this morning. Ah. He suggests that he quickly showers, collects C and takes him with him. Sounds like a plan. C has wanted to go to work with his dad for a while now and he may even have a snooze in the car (we have just heard that he didn’t sleep until 1am this morning, so he is due a few extra zzz’s).

As M is showering, I realize that he can’t just take off with C without having a plan of action for food. Who knows what is going to be on the menu for lunch down there.  I pack a hurried lunchbox of Lundbergs rice cakes, salami, some crackers, a banana and an Envirokidz bar. Not the most exciting selection, but it’s the best g-free thing I can do in 2 minutes.

M goes off to pick up C, but C refuses to budge. Go to work with dad or stay with his buddy and hang out? Mmm – difficult choice. Our friends are amazing and allow him to stay. I know he is in good hands there, as they have also been through a g-free period with one of their daughters and know the score.

Meanwhile, I have the arduous task of cleaning the house ahead of me. Needless to say that with all of this blogging malarkey this week, the housework has been a tad neglected. The place is a bombsite. The plan was that M was going to help me breeze through it all, but he’s now off down the 101 and so I try to figure out how to keep T amused while attacking the task in hand. I should add that housework is not my forte at all and I do it rather begrudgingly.

About 5 hours later the house is clean. T has fallen asleep after lunch (some Turkey and raw veg – he is a g-free kid by nature), I’ve woofed down the pot stickers that C and I love, but that c can no longer eat and I have the luxury of a quiet house and time for a long shower. Although we’ve pledged short showers to C’s cool the earth program for school – I decide to break the ‘rules’ this afternoon. Nice. 15 minutes of anarchic shower bliss.

C & M come home and it’s almost time for the afternoon’s baseball game. Will C be able to keep going, or will he completely flake through sleep deprivation? I steal a great idea from Carol, a mom at school, about putting a hot dog (gluten and nitrate free of course) on a chopstick – instead of in a bun and C chows down 2 hot dogs before we hit the road for the big game.

My lovely friend who just had the pleasure of C’s company for so long, sends M home with a bunch of g-free goodies for us to try. What a treat. The goodies include Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. I plan to have a baking spree next week.

Most of the sleepover crew are on the baseball team and they all do amazingly well. Phew.

Game over and off to friends for a Saturday evening BBQ. I’ve packed a few gluten free snacks for C, but know that BBQ should be pretty much ok. I don’t go down the path of ‘what if the meat is marinated in a sauce that has gluten in it’. I guess we are extremely lucky in that way. I’d be a lot more careful if we were dealing with celiac’s disease and I take my hat off to everyone who is.

We have an amazing evening. Fantastic food, great company and lively conversation. I drink more wine than is allowed in my post-cancer quota, but its SO nice to not worry about all of that for once and to just enjoy.


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