Day 9 of being G-free

Day 9

Another slow morning, but this time we have a really tired C on our hands. Last night was another late night and he is starting to wobble. He is whiny and quick to get upset about everything and anything. Oh dear. The upside is that I’d baked a yummy Pamela’s gluten free bread ( in the bread machine the evening before and so we have delicious bread to eat for our g-free breakfast. M and I decide that it really is tasty and I figure that this will probably be our bread solution moving forward. It make’s me realize that the Food for Life rice flour bread really wasn’t such a great tasting alternative and that I’d just been convincing myself that it was good because there didn’t seem to be any other alternative.

I’ll definitely try some other bake mixes and even some bread recipes going forward until I’m sure that we have the ultimate solution. Am looking forward to taking the kids to the Ferry Building one Sunday soon and trying out the breads at the Mariposa Bakery ( This is apparently an amazing find!

The kids go off to play LEGO and M decides that it’s time – less than one week down the line – to step up the blogging. Whaaat???? As of Friday night, I am tweeting, but he’s filled with ideas on how to improve my tweets, link to RSS feeds, leverage Facebook etc. OMG. A technological mindstorm! Doesn’t he realize how much time all of this stuff takes. Does he think that I have nothing else to do? Clearly, yes.

The dog needs to get out for some exercise, so I decide to go for a run. To mot people going for a run probably seems quite natural, but for me it’s quite a scary proposition. I’ve jogged once in one and a half years and life has been pretty slow in that department for a while. But, running feels like a big ‘up yours’ to cancer, as the battle against cancer is what took away the energy to do this kind of thing. I put M’s itunes mix onto my shuffle – far more cool, hip and funky than my ‘lift music’, put on my running shoes and take off up the hill? Up the hill? Why not the flats? You may well ask that question. The flat path at the bottom of the road is full of weekend sports fanatics and feels far too public to be running along in my stop/start fashion with a boiled tomato face.

I get about 5 minutes along my chosen route and am already pondering turning back, but am then grateful of Milo (the pooch) spotting a deer and pulling me up the hill in pursuit. I make it home quite out of breath, and am a tad frustrated that M hasn’t fed the kids their lunch yet. He claims I’ve only been gone for 10 minutes – I can assure you that there is no way I can get around the hill in 10 minutes – try 40.

M makes the kids a quinoa pasta (, with turkey bacon, broccoli and a cream (yoghurt) sauce. It’s pretty tasty. They complain that they’re eating Turkey bacon – again. I guess there has been a lot of that the past week – time to rethink the lunch boxes

M and I eat a yummy mixed salad. I need a break from all of this meaty kids food.

We go for a swim at the local pool with friends. It’s a glorious day. In theory, perfect, apart from the fact that the friends who we go to the pool with have had a neighbors friend OD in the house across the road last night. Pretty scary stuff. I thought things like that weren’t supposed to happen in our nice, safe, bubble world any more? It brings it home that there aren’t that many years ahead until we have the illegal substance abuse conversation with our children. I remind myself to savor the moment, and enjoy the current parenting tasks for what they are.

On the way out, a woman in the shower tells me that Udi’s ( is the best gluten free bread. She says that the Food for Life bread tastes like cardboard. I am determined to track down Udi’s baked goods this week. Apparently I can find them at Molly Stones in Greenbrae. Will aim to do that on Tuesday when T is at pre-school. I doubt that he’ll tolerate another trip to the supermarket so soon again. I smile at the fact that I can’t even escape the g-free conversation in the locker room shower.

After swimming we decide to get the few groceries on my list (organic gluten free/ nitrate free hot dogs, apple juice, olive oil etc) at Paradise Foods in Corte Madeira, as a few people have now recommended it as a good place to find gluten free foods. We take the long, scenic route there through Tiburon and out past Paradise Cove. The kids are not best pleased that we have taken the long way. They just want to go to Swirls as quickly as possible. We have promised them to check out the new Frozen yoghurt place in town. It is so cool, it even has a Facebook page.

The kids refuse point blank to go into the store when we get there and insist on waiting in the car with M.

I try to dash in and out, but I’ve never been here before and am going to have to trawl down every aisle to find the handful of things that I need. Was this really such a good idea after all? I am so done with unchartered supermarket territory and want nothing more than to now get into a familiar gluten-free groove an be done with it. Even more annoying is that I don’t even buy everything that we need, as basic things such as orange juice are ridiculously expensive here. I do buy the Bionature Organic Gluten Free Rigatoni (, that I’ve been told tastes really good, but I could have bought that in Wholefoods too. I also pick up some Ian’s gluten free chicken nuggets and fish sticks (, to ensure that I have a few quick and easy meal options to hand. They say they are on special offer for $4.99 per box. I make a mental note to check the prices in Wholefoods to ascertain whether that really is a good deal. I do find my favorite Aborio rice – something that I couldn’t find in Wholefoods or Safeway this week. So, nice store, but not for me. I doubt I’ll make the detour to come back here.

We head to Swirls. M and the kids are delighted. It’s late by the time we get home. We quickly grill some Trader Joe’s organic meat patties for dinner with some salad and veg. M bravely serves the kids up avocado, but all that does is make them say that they don’t want any of the food. Some food gets eaten. We don’t fuss – difficult to eat dinner on a stomach full of delicious frozen yoghurt.


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