Thunderstorms, motorboats and amusement parks

With a storm on its way this evening, we decide to sail on to a sheltered harbor, where we will also rendezvous with P.J. (M’s brother) and his family. It feels as if the whole world is out on the ocean today and there is a small ‘boat jam’ as we head through the canal in Hamburgsund. M always makes me smile when we go through this canal – there is always some ‘idiot’ that he gets annoyed at. Nothing like ‘boat rage’.

The scenery, as has become the norm, is breathtaking and Lucie and I sit at the front of the boat with cameras in hand. I take the wheel today and enjoy some sailing. It makes me realize how much there is to consider and how easy m makes it all look.

We arrive in Bohus Malmön as the first of the three boats who are congregating there this evening. We are awed at the amount of large boats and take it all in as we moor in pole position in the harbor. The other boats come in not long afterwards and the kids enjoy crab fishing and skateboarding along the jetty, while we socialize with glass of wine in hand.

M seems to be the only one of us who realized that there was a thunderstorm in the night. The rest of us sleep through the thunder, lightning and hail storm. We have great cappuccino on the deck of the restaurant in the harbor in the morning, while the kids boat hop amongst our friends. A game of mini golf in the rain with my 16 month old niece chomping away on popcorn while she watches and then we set sail, heading back to Smögen, where we’ll hook up with M’s brother again for a prawn and crayfish fest that evening.

The weather soon clears and before we know it we are sailing into Smögen in the sunshine. Another boat with friends and their 2 daughters is also moored beside us and C is delighted that the girls are here. The kids head off for a swim (no jelly fish today, by some small miracle). PJ then gets out his motored dinghy and a few hours are spent motoring about in the harbor and out to the mouth of the ocean with the kids. It is so much fun and M is in his element.

We feast on kilos of Smögen prawns (the best in Sweden) that evening, with a makeshift tent pulled over the cockpits of the boats to shield us from more rain that evening. We drink Bollinger (left from the wedding) and chat late into the night. Life is good.

M and C head out in the motor boat again in the morning and come back with coffees and fresh cinnamon buns for the three boats that morning. Service! As much as C loves cinnamon buns, he doesn’t complain when I bake him up a g-free bread roll instead. He is so happy to be out on the water with his dad, that not being able to chow on his favorite food pales in comparison.

We have a farewell walk with M’s brother, wife, daughter and dog before we head to sea again. We can’t quite believe that a week has passed and that this is our last sail. I have mixed emotions about leaving Europe and the fact that I can see the end of our big summer adventure.

C sits on the back of the boat with his feet in the ocean as we sail into our last port of call. He looks so happy, relaxed and at one with his surroundings. I hope that he can take this feeling home with him. T sleeps through the whole last sail – not a bad thing.

We are greeted by M’s mum as we come into the harbor and after cleaning the boat we head back to M’s brothers house for and some local pizza (I love Ferraris). It’s the first time that C struggles with the food ‘thing’. He loves pizza. His alternative of g-free pasta, prawns and broccoli really isn’t quite the same. Roll on the end of g-free?

Our last day in Sweden is spent at Liseberg, Gothenburg’s version of Disneyworld or Alton Towers. We check in at the Scandic hotel in Gothenburg (one of our favorites) and then head to the amusement park where we meet up with two of M’s cousins. We get soaked in the rain, but it’s warm summer rain and so we keep on going with ride after ride for the kids. They have a wonderful time, with a grand finale of ice lollies from grandma. We head back to the hotel and discover an amazing chill-out area for the kids with movies, a Playstation and big floppy fatboy cushions for them to lounge on. We seize the moment and sip a glass of wine at the bar while they play before heading back to our room.