Strawberries, gunmen and castles

C sobs as Germany goes out of the World Cup. Really hearty sobs. I mean, we’re all a bit miffed, but I had no idea he had become so emotionally involved in the ‘footie’. It marks the end of another event filled couple of days.

I truly know that we are back in the north of England by now. Little cars with air conditioning that doesn’t work and no cup holders, cinemas without cup holders (T goes into auto pilot, puts his drink beside him and it immediately falls on the floor – I’d forgotten that cup holders are such an American thing) and a 3 year old who takes a car key, lets himself into the car, gets into the front passenger seat and buckles up all while his dad is telling him to get a move on before they quickly drive off. Gotta love it.

We go Strawberry picking in Plawsworth ( at a lovely farm and come home laden with more berries than the boys can carry. We make 5 jars of strawberry jam and still have enough berries over to swim in for the next few days. Delicious!

The weather is threatening rain and so we head to the new Durham Gala cinema to see Shrek. It’s a bit darker than the other 2 Shreks and T is scared of the witches. We still manage to squeeze in a lot of giggles though.

I even manage to squeeze in some yoga and declare my Rodney Yee Yoga DVD ( the best travel accessory that I could have brought with me.

The next day we pluck up our courage to go to Alnwick Castle ( I put my foot on the accelerator as we drive past Rothbury where there is an armed gunman on the loose. We comment on the amount of police patrol cars we see on the 1.5 hour drive.

Alnwick is stunning. We marvel at the site where the quiditch scenes are filmed for the Harry Potter movies ( and the kids delight in getting dressed as knights and battling other similarly clad children with soft bendy swords and shields. The dragons quest.

We are happily surprised by the gluten free cookies on offer at the castle, but note that that and packets of crisps are as far as it goes for the gluten free menu and are pleased that we had the foresight to pack our gluten free sandwich and chicken nugget lunch.

We come home to Bob the Builder gluten free pasta – brilliant and tasty and soccer…