Lunches, stunts and sausages

As soon as breakfast is done – gluten free, dairy free, chocolate covered cornflakes with lactose free milk (I had no idea all of these things existed a few months ago) for C, fresh rolls from the bakery for the rest of us – C heads off to my aunt and uncles for some alone time with his cousin who is also 7. Little T hangs with us for a few hours and my eldest cousin from Hamburg arrives with her husband for coffee on the balcony, where it is still remarkably cool.

The kids are then gathered up by Nele and taken to escape the heat by watching a movie. I head into the City with my cousin and her husband to have lunch at the age old Berlinner institution, Café Einstein ( We luckily get the last table outside in the shade and have a delicious lunch. It’s so nice to order anything I want and not to think about gluten and dairy for a few hours. C has been packed off with gluten free pasta in hand, so he will be ok for lunch.

After a delicious lobster bisque, a delicious Einstein coffee and hours of catching up on everything, we head back out to Nikolassee, via Stilwerk (a collection of contemporary interior design stores in central Berlin). There is no air con at Stilwerk, however, and so we quickly flee to the aircon of the car and head back home to greet the kids again.

After another stormy night – high winds, but none of the much needed rain, we head off to Filmpark Babelsberg ( I’m drawn there due to the fact that Inglourious Basterds was filmed there and it’s on Time Outs top ten list of things to do with kids in Berlin. I quickly note, that after having paid an expensive entry fee, that the Americans really do stuff like this a hell of a lot better than the Europeans. There is little info about the attractions and the sets are looking a tad tired.

We whittle away a few hours, eat ice lollies and then decide that it’s time to head home just as the stunt show is being announced. They have a warning at the entrance to it that it is not suitable for small children, but I am so done with the lack of spectacle today, that I decide it’s worth a try and that we can always leave. A bit of motorbikes jumping over fire can’t hurt anyone – can it? The show is pretty full on. Definitely the most impressive part of the day. Super fit, super cool stunt men and women, diving off towers, running around in flames, flying through the air. A big crashed helicopter as part of the scene that was once destined for Mission Impossible before the producers decided not to film at Babelsberg after all.

C starts by being terrified, but once he realizes that all of the pyrotechnics are just part of the show, he realizes it is pretty cool. He declares that he never wants to be a stuntman (given that on this trip he has already considered being a queen’s guard, a London bus driver, a doctor and a farmer, I think it’s pretty ok that he has at least ruled out one possible career path). T watches as cool as a cucumber. I’m not sure I’d rule out being a stunt man for him.

We head back home and buy sausages for the kids at the local organic butchers. The kids devour them with delight. We finish reading James and the Giant Peach and sleep comes late but peacefully.