Knights, castles and bubbly

Our last full hour in London town – for a week. Am about to make gluten free sandwiches for the train journey up North and after a whirlwind of a week am ready for the peace and quiet of the countryside. We’re all pretty fried after cramming so much in and restless nights sleeps in the heat. Never thought I’d be happy to go to the cooler North.

In the past couple of days we’ve ticked off a trip up the tallest building in England – thank you John – a ride up and down the river on the Thames Clipper ( – very cool and super easy – and many hours wandering around the Tower of London ( The Tower wasn’t originally on the hit list of things to do, but when the boys saw it from the boat on Thursday, it quickly became a must-do. C very sensibly saying that he can go to the Zoo anywhere (London Zoo quickly becoming downgraded as a not so interesting attraction in my kids books).

We now have photos of Beefeaters, ravens, towers, people in Medieval costumes, lots of armor and much more. That’s knights and castles ticked. Marvelous.

A great night out at the pub has also been squeezed in ( We celebrate my friends birthday with a bottle of bubbly or two. Lesson learned to arrange that for my last night in town next time and not the days before I’m about to trawl around the sights of London for hours on end the day after, in the heat with a four year old that wants to be carried most of the time.

Gluten free wise, thank you Waitrose ( and your lovely roast chickens. We will miss you!