Days 8&9 of G-free London

We get off the train at Kings Cross station and are hit by the heat of London again after a refreshing few cool days up North. The boys are too hot and bothered to contemplate much of everything after the walk back to Bloomsbury with our suitcases and so I pop out on my own for one last swoop of the Brunswick Centre. Luckily, I guess, my suitcase is bursting and so all of those lovely Sale items – as tempting as they are – do not find their way into my bag. I pick up a few g-free snacks at Waitrose for C and book a table at Giraffe ( for dinner that evening with my dad, my cousin and his family.

At Giraffe I order a Hamburger without a bun and fries for C. It all seems pretty safely gluten-free, but as soon as c has finished his meal, he gets tummy ache and has to rush to the bathroom. Poor little guy.

On Saturday, we get up early and walk up to Kings Cross to meet my friend Jenn and her family. Her son is C’s first ever true friend and C missed him terribly when we moved to the US 5 years ago. The boys haven’t seen each other since, but they seem to pretty much pick up where they left off. Amazing!

We take the bus to Harrods ( and check out Jenn’s product line on the shelves in the baby department. Her Boo Boo Baby and Boo Boo Mummy products ( look amazing on the shelves and I’m so proud of her for creating such an amazing product line and selling it amongst the crème de la crème in Harrods.

After a must-do stop in the toy department, we stock up on ridiculous amaounts of food at ridiculous prices in the Food Hall and troop up to Hyde Park for a picnic in the shade of a big leafy tree. The kids play happily while we chat and catch up and once we’ve polished off our mound of food, we walk on to the Diana Memorial Fountain ( for a cool-off in the water.

After a couple of hours in the park we take off in search of ice cream and a run around in the playground for the kids. The heat of the concrete playground and the subsequent walk to find buses and taxis is as much as the little people can tolerate and we say our goodbyes at the number 10 bus stop. As I say goodbye, I can’t quite believe that we have just had such a great day together and that it’s been 5 years since we saw each other. C an I shed a tear or two, as it really wasn’t long enough and I promise that we’ll spend more time together next time we are in the UK. Quite emotional, all of these hello’s and goodbyes.

The boys and I hail a cab and we head to Neal Street in Covent Garden and the Crocs shop ( to repair C’s broken Croc. It’s cool in the shade of the shops and it’s a welcome relief to amble down the cobbled street and escape the heat. We decide that a cab home is the only option after all of our walking that day and we head back to Bloomsbury in another black cab. C is very pleased about the fact that I let him sit in the pull-down seats and they both enjoy the short journey.

Back at the flat, we quickly pack up and then squeeze all of our luggage into Lucie’s swish M3, as she collects us to head out to Blackheath for the evening, before very generously offering to cart us to Heathrow the next day. We have a lovely evening, eating g-free turkey burgers (, drinking wine and the kids playing Wii until they drop into a deep and peaceful sleep.


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