Delicious fish and vegetable soup

Hearty fish soup

M's amazing fish soup

Sometimes when you make a fish soap you may feel it all gets a bit too fishy. Don’t take me wrong, I adore a fish soup but with 5 kids among the “customers” last weekend, we decided to tone it down a bit. So, it became a Fishy vegetable soup.

The end result consisted of a garlic seared Sea bass and prawns covered with a fishy vegetable soup.

We aim to ensure that all of the fish we but is wild and sustainably caught.

Ingredients (served 5 kids and 4 adults + lunch for next day):

1 bundle of Cilantro, chopped
1 red onion, chopped in chunky pieces
4 small potatoes, chopped into chunky cubes
2 parsnips, chopped into chunky cubes
1lbs of cod (pieces or whole does not matter)
2 large leeks, chopped into chunky pieces (1/2 inch)
5 cloves chopped garlic
1 knob of butter
2 cartons of vegetable broth
1 pack of Creme Fraiche (or lactose free sour cream)
2 pieces of Sea bass
12 large shrimp

How to make

Before you start ensure that all of the broth is in a separate saucepan heating (not boiling).

1. Add the butter to a large saucepan let it melt.
2. Saute 2/3 of the chopped garlic and onion – 30 seconds.
3. Add the chopped leek, parsnips and potatoes to the mix, keep stirring
4. Add the cod
5. Let it cook with lid on for 2-3 minutes

While cooking:
1. Pan frying the sea bass and shrimp in 1/3 of the chopped garlic and olive oil
2. Once the sea bass has got a nice light brown color and the shrimp are nice and solid pink put them carefully on a plate and cover.

Back to the soup:
6. Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell!
7. Add 1/2 of the broth gently
8. Use your Immersion Blender and mix it to a smooth mix.
9. Add the remaining of the broth, one step at a time since you don’t want to create a watery soup.
10. When you are happy with the feel of the soup, add a dollop of the creme fraiche
11. Cut the sea bass into pieces and add the sea bass on a  soup plate with 2-3 shrimp and add the soup on top.
12. Garnish with the cilantro and a small dollop of creme fraiche


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