Gingerbread heaven. How to make it gluten-free.

Our gluten-free gingerbread village

Our gingerbread village

We did it. We created gingerbread nirvana. Or, at least that’s what we believe in our house. I all started with the realization that a standard gingerbread kit was off the menu this year. As pretty as it might look, it’d be gluten filled and not a good thing to be tempting C with. I proceeded to google ‘gluten free gingerbread’ and was delighted to find everything I needed on the fabulous Pamelas Products website. Not only has the lovely Pamela created the perfect bread mix that works a treat for gingerbread. She has also created the perfect vanilla frosting mix. Talk about taking the stress out of the whole baking malarchy. Pamela also provides gingerbread house templates that you can print out and use to make your creation. Her step by step instructions make it easy and the top tip of rolling out the gingerbread inbetween parchment paper is pure genius. I did use a little less molasses – only because I could only get a hold of the dark organic stuff that has a really strong flavor that I’m not the biggest fan of.

Imagine how my jaw dropped when I found myself in a room full of people last night all avidly hanging on every baking word that Pamela had to share with us. The lovely Alison St Sure of Sure Foods Living hosts the Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin. It’s the first meeting that I have attended and I was impressed by the well oiled engine that I walked into and the amount of people who were there. I, of course, was late. I’m always late. I walked in at ‘Bagels’. Within 2 minutes I had myself intent on making my own gluten-free bagels – not something I’ve been planning on adding to my repertoire thus far. Maybe 2011 will be the year of the homemade bagel at chez g-free mom?

I also had the delight of spending time with Tia of Glügle Gluten Free. Tia – by the way – has an amazing pomegranate, persimmon and beet salad on her blog today. Talk about making the best out of seasonal ingredients! The owners of the new gluten-free grocery sore in San Rafael, Sans, were also there to introduce the new 5 week old store. I kicked myself that I haven’t been there yet. C is exited about it. It’s on the must-do list over the Christmas break.

Anyway, back to gingerbread…

gingerbread house and man

Gingerbread village detail

So – having found the recipe, making sure we had the ingredients and getting the kids all fired up about making our gingerbread house, I remembered the huge stash of cookie cutters that I have stacked away at the top of one of my kitchen cupboards. I decided that as a trial run, gingerbread cookies might be infinitely easier than a house. Little did I know that this plan would totally backfire on me and so, instead of ‘just’ making a gingerbread house, we ended up making an entire gingerbread village. C was put in charge of the project and he art-directed it’s creation from the decorating of the gingerbread, the making of the rice krispy treat snowmen and the assembly – for which we luckily had a large white tray to stick everything on to with frosting. My frosting was a little bit soft, but it still worked a treat. Pamela suggests using royal icing – I’ll try that next time… Thank you Pamela!

The icing on the cake (no pun intended), is that Kim over at cook IT allergy free is hosting a gingerbread house competition. C would think that all of his Sundays had come at once if we won this competition. We have – of course entered. Check out Kim’s blog for the competition entries. The post goes live on Friday, December 10th. The winner will be the one who gets the best votes – so please please please go and vote for us. The pic I have entered is the one at the top of this post.

Happy gingerbread making!

Gingerbread village detail

Another view of our gingerbread village


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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by nicola stockmann, nicola stockmann. nicola stockmann said: @PamelasProducts. My #gluten-free gingerbread village using your bread mix and frosting is up on my blog. Yum! [...]

  2. Tia says:

    OMG! That village is adorable! C did a fabulous job. (So did Mom.) I love the bears in the windows. And, don’t you love how we talk about Pamela, now. Yeah! She’s our bud. We talked to her. We have pictures. And, she’s tall. Really tall. I had my tall shows on, and I’m not short.

    Tia :P

  3. Maggie says:

    So awesome! I love that you made a village – way easier for little hands to decorate. Might have to try that next year.

  4. Eve says:

    I love the village and am so impressed with C’s job (and everybody else’s) I bet loads of people will want to follow your example.

  5. Oh my goodness, Nicola! You and C did an incredible job here! A gingerbread village is so much more fun and not having to “glue” stuff together or make sure it stands up–brilliant! ;-) So great that you made it to one of Alison’s meetings and met up with Tia and that you all got to meet Pamela. (So many rely on her products.) Sounds like a fantastic time! I’d treasure some time with all of you. :-)


  6. This is absolutely precious! And, I’m so happy to learn there’s a gf product out there for it, too!

  7. Adorable! It was so fun to have you there. You forgot to mention that in addition to being late, you were the only one who brought a bottle of wine – ha ha! Lucky me though that you let me take it home! Thank you for that and for coming. :)
    Great job on the village — I love that idea!

  8. Wow! Nicola! You guys did such an absolutely FABULOUS job on this house! I am so so impressed on your creation! What a village ;) Thank you SO much for entering it in the contest. Will be sending you the link tonight to the post when I make it live! ;) THis is really really a great idea!

  9. Sophie says:

    A great alternative gingerbread village,..looks totally COLL too!

  10. Maidi Seiter says:

    This Gingerbread village is very pretty and I think it must
    be great fun for the children to bake it! Very good, Nicola!

  11. That’s so beautiful! Very intricate.

  12. [...] To read about the process of our gingerbread extravaganza and to check out more pics (C has already scolded me for not submitting the best to the contest) check out my post from last week. [...]

  13. Ann Petersen says:

    Where’s the recipe?!?

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