Gluten-free menu plan. November 22.

Scene at Lake Tahoe

Skiing between California and Nevada at Lake Tahoe

Ok. I So wasn’t going to put up a menu plan today. Seems a little crazy with it being Thanksgiving this week and the fact that we are heading to the ski slopes on Friday. There has been so much snow this past weekend, that we’ve gotten ourselves well and truly into the spirit of skiing and it seems crazy not to take advantage of the long weekend.

I was also in a rush to get going with a friend to The Academy of Sciences in San Francisco today with our youngest boys and cranking out a post before we headed off seemed like one thing too much. But the reality is that I do need to think about what we are going to eat for the next few days. I’m about to head to Trader Joes, as T is craving sushi and he loves the TJ’s sushi, and I’ve also just realized that the host of this weeks menu swap, gluten free smiles isn’t planning to put together the round up until later on this afternoon.

So, while I watch our new neighbors move into the house next door and wonder what the dynamic will be with the kids who now share our fence, I’ll share the few things that I have planned for the week.

Monday: I have rotisserie chicken left over from our trip to the San Rafael Farmers Market yesterday. I’m going to team it up with some veg and some sauce and make chicken byriani. I’d planned to make it last week, but that plan got derailed by a tummy bug and the kids ended up eating stir fry chicken and veg instead that evening. I also bought some great Afghan lentil curry at the farmers market, so we’ll have that as a side. Yum.

Tuesday: Tacos always go down a storm in this household, so I’m going to buy some fish today and make fish tacos tomorrow.

Wednesday: I’ll most likely make a thick vegetable soup today. That way, I can make a large batch and pop some in the freezer so that it’s there for us when we come back from our ski trip on Sunday.

Last week I made a really tasty vegetable soup. I chopped a red onion, a large leek, 8 heirloom carrots, 4 potatoes, a few florets of cauliflower, a sprig of rosemary and braised all of the veg – onions first, before I added in a quart of vegetable stock and simmered the soup for about 15/20 minutes before I used a stick blender to turn it into a thick and creamy soup. We devoured it in minutes. The rosemary really added a great flavor.

Thursday: Turkey day. We’re going to friends for dinner. We’re in the midst of curing some salmon in the fridge to make gravadlax (lox) to take along with us. Recipe and how to make to follow later this week.

Friday: We’ll have a box full of sandwiches with us in the car, as we drive to Tahoe, made with Udi’s bread and Udi’s bagels. Organic, nitrate free salami, ham and my homemade raspberry jam seem to be the family favorite sandwich toppings when we’re on a road trip. For me, I’ll make some almond butter sandwiches.

Saturday and Sunday are anyones guess. We’re staying in a hotel, so will see where we get with gluten free, child friendly offerings – I’m trying to view it as an adventure. ;-). We’re going to arm ourselves with snacks and gluten free bread. There’s a grill at the top of the mountain, so we should be ok…

Happy cooking!


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  1. [...] G-Free Mom will also be using up some leftovers to create another tasty dish for dinner tonight and is in the process of curing some salmon for lox to take to friends on Thanksgiving (stay tuned for this recipe).  She also has plans to make a large pot of soup so that she can freeze half of it for when they return from skiing. [...]

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for your patience! Your menu sounds delicious. I can’t wait to hear/see how your salmon lox turn out.


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