Gluten-free Monday Menu Plan. December 6

Shoes filled for St Nicholas Day

Boots filled for St Nicholas Tag

It’s been an exciting morning in our house today. Last night the boys put their empty boots (1 each) by the door in eager anticipation of St. Nicholas coming in the night and filling them up with goodies. Another wonderful German tradition. The story goes that if you have been a good child all year then St. Nicholas will come in the night of the 5th of December and bring you treats. When I was a child, the treats were always a tangerine or two, some nuts, and a few candies. My kids would probably have been delighted with that as well, but St Nicholas couldn’t resist and game them each a toy knight too.

With all of the excitement of that and hosting my Advents coffee afternoon yesterday, meal planning has gone by the wayside a bit, so I’m scrambling around now to pull a plan together for the week. This weeks ‘magic’ ingredient is mushrooms and the weekly menu plan is being hosted by Wendy of Celiacs in the House. Wendy’s menu is mouthwatering this week. I highly recommend that you check it out.

I’m off to Spirit Rock this evening with some of my breast cancer survivor friends. We’ve talked about the power of meditation and so we are going along to have some vegetarian food and are going to try and put it into action. I have no idea what to expect. I’m quite excited..

Monday: While I galavant off to Spirit Rock, the boys are going up to a friends house for dinner until M picks them up on his way home from work. I’m going to cook up some gluten free pasta and some meat sauce to send along with them, so that my friend doesn’t need to stress about gluten-free. I then need to remember to remind the tooth fairy to visit. C lost a big front tooth at breakfast this morning.

Tuesday: I’m going to make cod and crab fishcakes. I have a craving. I’ll prepare them in advance, as we’re off to the park after school tomorrow to celebrate the pooches 4th birthday. He’ll be meeting a few of his doggy friends there too. Am I insane? Doggy friends go hand-in-hand with the kids friends, so I’m taking a box of my Advents cookies with me to munch on. I’m stopping myself short of making doggy treat bags though… I’m then going to the Marin Gluten Intolerance Group meeting, hosted by Alison St Sure of Sure Foods Living. It’s my first meeting and I’m looking forward to it. Also to hopefully seeing Tia of Glügle Gluten Free.

Wednesday. It’s an age since I made a frittata. I’m going to make a vegetable one today. Thinking of sneaking in some mushrooms. My kids aren’t crazy about mushrooms, which is quite tragic. It’s then the family night at the school book fair. It’ll be crazy, but the kids love it.

Thursday. A fresh tomato and celery soup will be on the menu today. I keep meaning to make cornbread, if not, I’ll make gluten free dinner rolls. No after school or evening plans today. Phew!

Friday. I’m planning to foil bake some salmon with a little chilli sauce and coconut milk and serve it with rice and stir fried vegetables. C has winter soccer training on Wednesday afternoons. We’ll all be toast by the end of this week, so we’ll eat, flop and watch a family movie before bed. Well – that’s the theory, anyway. M is also talking about heading up to the slopes for some skiing on Friday. Watch this space…


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  1. Talk about a mouthwatering menu. I’ve been thinking about fish cakes and frittatas and the salmon sounds great, too. I do miss the excitement of St. Nicholas sneaking a Playmo or Lego into their boots with some chocolate. Just enough treats to help them get to the big day.

  2. The salmon sounds delicious! We will definitely be trying that out.

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