Gluten-free Monday Menu Plan. November 29

Tennessee Valley Beach

Tennessee Valley Beach on Thanksgiving morning

Wow. It’s Monday again already. I’m not quite sure where the weeks go sometimes. Thanksgiving came and went with an amazing hike to our local Tennessee Valley beach on Thursday morning and a great dinner that evening with good friends and their extended family. We took off to the mountains on Friday with a car filled with ski gear and had a couple of amazing days in what can only be described as a Winter Wonderland in North Lake Tahoe. We managed to navigate the whole gluten free ‘thing’ while up there. C ended up having a bit of an odd diet with lots of eggs and steak, but at least he was well fueled for flying down the mountain on his skis. I was eternally grateful, as always, for Udi’s bread and bagels and Envirokidz gluten free cereal and snack bars, of which we took a stash with us.

Now it’s back to Monday morning. T and I have just watched C perform at his second grade music concert, the dog still needs a walk and there are groceries to buy. I’m going to quickly cobble together what will be our gluten-free menu plan for the week. I’m trying to steer our diet to being more vegetable and fish orientated, since beginning to read the Anti Cancer Diet. It never ceases to amaze me how much dietary decisions affect our health and well-being.

Monday: There is a definite chill in the air today, so a big pot of gluten-free vegetable chili is on the cards.

Tuesday: Grilled salmon (bring on those omega 3′s), with quinoa and steamed vegetables.

Wednesday: If it stays this chilly, then a vegetable soup, of sorts, will be on the menu. May even try and make gluten-free cornbread if time allows. That solves lunch on Thursday too.

Thursday: We’re planning to go and spend the afternoon with friends after school, so something simple will be needed for dinner. I think we make sneak in some meat for the boys today and have tacos, although fish tacos may also be an option.

Friday: C is starting his winter soccer skills training session this Friday afternoon. It’ll be the end of a long week and we have family movie night on Fridays. Am planning to make a big pan of green chicken curry. There is no reason why this can’t be a green vegetable curry. If I find enough goodies at the farmers market that day, that will be an option.

The weekend will remain unplanned this week. Hopefully there’ll be enough leftover curry and I’ll make enough soup to freeze too. We have a brood coming over for Advent on Sunday afternoon, so there will be a ton of Advents cookie baking this week and a few shared recipes along the way.

This weeks gluten free menu swap is hosted by Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness. Her ‘magic’ ingredient this week is sweet potato. Yum. Maybe sweet potato fries will work their way as a side dish on our menu this week? Check out her blog for a round-up of some great gluten-free menu ideas.

Off to make the house look Christmassy now, do the chores and buy an Advents wreath, while at the grocery store.


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  1. That picture is simply incredible. I wish I could have been there!

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