Menu Plan Monday. November 8.

Hearty fish soup

M's amazing fish soup

This weeks gluten free Monday Menu Plan is hosted by Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness. Check out her round up of gluten free menu ideas  for the week.

So… the best intentions, as laid out last week were followed, in part. Life kind of got in the way on some days, for one reason or the other, so this is how it really went:

Monday: Turkey meatballs. I served these with brown rice, carrots & broccoli.

Tuesday: Today commenced the addition of our little 4 year old house guest for a week (our friends have gone to Paris and T’s friend is staying with us). I had planned to follow my menu plan, but by the time I’d picked up T from school, done soccer training with C until 5.30pm and collected the new addition from across town, I was done. To add to that we had to race to Walgrens to get our passport pics taken as Wednesday was the deadline for the green card lottery. All a bit crazy. The plight of a European in America. So I defaulted to the farmers market near C’s school, which is open until 7pm on a Tuesday and bought a rotisserie chicken with roast potatoes. The 3 kids woofed this down, followed by fresh organic strawberries – also from the farmers market.

Wednesday: I made wild Atlantic cod and crab fishcakes. I served them with gluten free pasta and some veg. They went down a treat. I made so many that I had enough for another meal. I fed the cat and dog some crab too – everyone was happy. I used canned crab meat this time, but have been told that the crab season just began and that there is a mass of fresh crab off Stinson Beach. Am thinking that crab definitely needs to be on the menu at some point next week.

Thursday: after gathering up all of the kids from school, friends house and a dance class (how do people cope with 3 or more children?), I had 20 mins to prepare dinner before my babysitter arrived at 5.30pm. The dvd launch party of the To Celebrate Life fashion show that I appeared in last month, was starting at 6pm and I had a 30 min drive to get there, so time was of the essence. I heated up the left over fishcakes from yesterday and cooked another round of gluten free pasta and some broccoli.

Friday: Tonight turned out to be C’s end of season soccer party, so I took a Mexican platter with steak, beans, salad, rice and corn tortillas and some gluten free brownies to the pot luck (not quite the sloppy joes and the movie night that I’d planned for).

On Saturday, I was determined to make sloppy joes, so that I could report on at least one new recipe discovery for the week. By this point in time, however, my menu plan was royally jinxed. I took off in the morning to volunteer for the set up of the venue for the school fundraiser that night, thinking I’d be gone for an hour or so, but it turned out to be much longer and so M took the ground beef from the fridge and made a stir fry with it for lunch. I had some when I got home it was pretty good. For dinner, M & I are eating out. I bake the russet potatoes (that were supposed to be filled with sloppy joes) for the kids and fill them with a stir fry of shallots, shrimp and broccoli.

On Sunday, we have one of C’s friends over for lunch too and so by now we have 4 boys at the table. I decide that a buffet style lunch will be the easiest, as I bought some delicious things at the farmers market on Friday. We eat smoked salmon, delicious ham, fresh organic salad, chick pea bread and I rustle up some hummus. We have fresh strawberries for desert. For dinner, I planned to make the cod, pan fried with butter and pine nuts, that I’d set out to make this week, but M saw the fish and declared he was going to make fish soup. I’m not one to argue when M offers to cook – especially not when he suggests fish soup, which he is definitely master of. We invited friends over to share it with us and were 9 at the dinner table that night. It was delicious and fun. I’ll share the recipe and a pic later on this week.

Despite all of that, I do still believe that planning for the week is a great idea. Really. ;-).

So, this is my plan for this week:

Monday: Heaps of fish soup left over, so that will be dinner tonight.

Tuesday: I have C’s parent teacher conference that afternoon and am hosting a play date after that, so I suspect we’ll default to the farmers market rotisserie chicken again.

Wednesday: Quesadilla’s. We’re popping over to see friends who’ve moved to another town in the afternoon and then are going to follow the St Martins tradition  in Germany and do a wee walk around 6pm with our German friends who live around the corner, where the kids will all carry home made lanterns and sing lantern songs. (It’s not usually celebrated until the 11th, but we’re celebrating a day early due to schedules). Won’t leave much time to eat anything fussy in between.

Thursday: Planning to take C to the zoo today with friends, as there’ll be no school. A warming green chicken curry will be on the menu that evening.

Friday: Am going to aim to make the sloppy joes stuffed potatoes that were planned for last Friday from the Cooking for Isaiah cookbook.

Saturday and Sunday. I think it’s safe to say that whatever I’ll plan is likely to go out of the window by the weekend, but I really would like to try some fresh caught crab. May even head out to Stinson beach and eat there. Also planning to try my friends grandmother’s chicken stew.

At some point during the week, I’ll inevitably wind up making gluten free chocolate chip cookies. C’s favorite. The cookies that have got the widest eye reactions from my kids thus far are those baked using the Cooking for Isaiah recipe for chocolate chip cookies.


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  1. Reading your post, I’m wondering about my “percentage completion” for menu plans. Not sure it’s that great, but plans help!

  2. [...] GFree Mom has an inventory of what she made, and what she didn’t. Hmmm…wonder what mine would look like! She’s got a beautiful picture of fish soup, which looks incredible, and sounds perfect as things get chilly. Dianne reminds us that chocolate doesn’t always mean sweets, sometimes it means mole! Stop by and visit her at Wheat Free Family, especially ’cause she’s joining us for the first time. [...]

  3. Eve says:

    The soup looks absolutely delicious.

    • nstockmann says:

      ;-). The soup was amazing. It tasted good warmed up on day 2 too and the kids thought it was delicious. I’ll share the recipe later this week.

  4. I’m exhausted just reading about your week. Last year with three hungry teens had me on the run, but planning still helps so at least the raw ingredients are around even if they end up in a different dish.

  5. Nicola, you are amazing! And, yes, that soup looks amazing, too. I would love eating at your house with all the seafood you enjoy, and, of course, hanging out with you every evening. :-)


  6. Nicola, wow! Your week sounds busier than mine even, and I thought I had a lot on my plate! LOL
    No matter whether you follow the plan or not, your family is eating so wonderfully! I make my plan at the beginning of the week and usually do well until about Wednesday, and then things end up a little crazy, but we still end up eating good food, regardless if it was part of the plan! ;)
    And that photo of your fish soup looks positively gorgeous!

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