Gluten Free Menu Plan Monday. November 15.

Gluten free saffron rolls

M's gluten free 'saffran bulle'

Ok, so this is going to be a bit of a cobbled together post, as C has insisted on a photo re-take at school and although I’ve managed to send him off looking dapper in his nice sweater and smart pants (which I failed to do on photo day and he was miffed), but – I haven’t sent the photo re-take money in with him and so I’m about to wizz off to school. Then there’s the dog to be walked before T’s soccer practice, and, and…

I managed to almost stick to my plan last week, which is pretty darned impressive – I think. I finally got around to making the sloppy joe stuffed potato skins from the Cooking for Isaiah cookbook. I struggled to find gluten free worcester sauce though and substituted our new favorite gluten free Black Horse sauce instead. It was ok, but not earth shattering. A bit bland. The kids enjoyed it though and so it was deemed a success. There are a few other recipes in Silvana’s cookbook that I’d like to try. I’m thinking of making the cornbread this week.

We didn’t manage to embrace the crab season, as planned. Maybe next weekend. Instead, the weekend was filled with baking, beach and a trip to little Sweden (Ikea). Sadly, unlike the real Sweden, Ikea isn’t really the place to go if you are hungry and are gluten-free. Luckily, I had a stash of snacks with me.

M made his first round of trial gluten free saffran bulle (saffron rolls). They looked amazing and tasted great straight out of the oven, were a bit dry later on, so watch this space for a fine tuned recipe soon.

So. This weeks gluten free Monday Menu Plan is hosted by the Celiac Family. Check out her round up of gluten free menu ideas  for the week.

Monday. I’m going to make pasta bolognese today, with gluten free spaghetti. We have no grand plans after school today, so a nice mellow afternoon and a good hearty meal as a start to the week.

Tuesday. If I manage to master Silvana’s cornbread, I’ll make that and some thick wintry vegetable soup.

Wednesday. I have some wild atlantic cod in the freezer, so I think I’ll make fishcakes that day.

Thursday. I’ve been meaning to make a chicken biryani for an age. Maybe today will be that day.

Friday. We’ll probably be on leftovers by now for our family movie night.

Saturday. I’d love to get over to Stinson beach to see whether we can get some yummy local fresh crab. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Sunday. Memory has it that we have been invited to friends for dinner that day. I’ll pack some gluten free pasta for C, just in case there isn’t much else that he can eat there.

And to fulfill the ‘ingredient of the week’ I’ll no doubt be eating a cranberry and walnut salad at some point for lunch.


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  1. Nicola
    Just love the notes on your day-to-day activities mixed into the menu.

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  3. Eve says:

    I get hungry looking at the saffran bulle!!

  4. love the idea of the wintery soup. I can’t quite wrap my head around it being winter, but I can always be in the mood to celebrate soup!

    • nstockmann says:

      I know – it was 85 degrees here yesterday. Not exactly wintry. I still made the soup today. it was delicious. ;-).

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