Quick and easy gluten free meatballs

Gluten free meatballs is one of my kids favorite meals. I love them too, because they are quick and easy to make and they can be eaten in so many different ways. They are great cold in a lunchbox too. Yum.

Cooking gluten free meatballs


2lbs ground (minced) beef or Turkey

1 egg

1 onion, finely chopped

salt and pepper

olive oil

How to make

1. mix all of the ingredients in a bowl

2. make meatball sized balls out of the mix (it should hold together well. Add g-free breadcrumbs if too sticky)

3. fry in olive oil

4. Serve with or without tomato sauce. (we ate one batch with baked rosemary potatoes and another on polenta with tomato sauce). We love them with spaghetti too.

Gluten free meatballs with tomato sauce on polenta

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