Week one of second grade. Tick.

The rest of the school week continues pretty uneventfully in that department. I hasten to add that ‘uneventful’ is a good thing when it comes to school. No tears, no problem going to sleep, no worries about what ‘so and so’ has said in recess etc. Just one happy kid. We get more and more tired as each day goes on and we are happy for the extra sleep when Saturday morning finally arrives. Getting T to tag along to school in the morning is still an issue, as he could sleep forever – I foresee many trips to school with him having pj’s on and breakfast in hand.

A couple more lunchboxes come to fruition and so I’m creating a new page on this blog just for gluten free lunch box ideas as a point of reference. http://gfreemom.com/easy-kids-lunchboxes/

Uneventful is not so much the case out of school. On Thursday, T and I go to café Cibo in Sausalito in the morning (http://cibosausalito.com/). We set out to meet one friend, but she cancels me at the last minute (you know who you are ;-)). Instead, I end up having a good old catch up with another, who has been on a hike that morning and taken the dog with her. I’m immensely grateful for being released of the juggle of the dog walk plus four year old that day and decide to celebrate with a coffee. The coffee is good, but super strong and I come to the conclusion that I’m way to wired, and on a short fuse with T by the time I leave there and that I’m going to have a try and give up coffee for a while (given that I don’t function without my coffee in the morning, this is quite a challenge).

Strolling in Sausalito

We host a play date with 2 of the boys friends and big forts are built in their bedrooms. The sleep in sleeping bags in their new forts for the rest of the week and are supremely happy with their new set-up.That evening, I miss acall from M and I then find out from Twitter a few hours later that he is attending a post-work function in Silicon Valley. I find it pretty scary that I happen to find out my husbands whereabouts through Twitter. What happened to a good old voice mail or text message saying ‘darling, I’m going to be late’. I guess this is the world we live in. I conclude that it really is a messed up world at times.

On Friday morning, I stomp up the Miwok trail with the dog for a quick early morning walk – beautiful (http://sanfrancisco.about.com/od/marincounty/ig/Miwok-Trail/). T and I then meet up with a couple of my – and his – buddies at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (http://www.baykidsmuseum.org/). After the heatwave at the beginning of the week, it’s a tad foggy and by the time it comes to eat lunch we are starting to get pretty cold. We look forward to going and checking out the new museum café, but are sorely disappointed, as we can’t really see much of an improvement and the queue is supremely long, with slow service and everybody grumbling. I bail and tell T that we’ll eat the food we’ve packed with us and will stick to drinking water. I tweet about my disappointment and am impressed that the Director of Communications for the museum picks up on my tweet and sends me a message asking me to elaborate on my experience. The power of Twitter – yet again.

After school, we head for another afternoon play date at a friends house. That ends in disaster, when T somersaults forward in the car as we go to leave (what?) and splits his head open on the metal runner for pulling the drivers seat forward. The boys had climbed in to the car and were putting on their seat belts when he leant forward to pick a toy up from the floor and it happened. As I go to check on the seat belts being put on properly, there is blood gushing from the T’s head. Luckily, my friends husband is a doctor. Thank you doctor Don! T turns out to be the bravest kid ever and we get it all cleaned up, head shaved around the gash and patched up. I, on the other hand, am not so brave at all and have to constantly go outside to get fresh air for fear of keeling over.

M comes to the rescue and once all has calmed down he takes the boys home, while I turn up over an hour late for soccer coach training. Soccer coach training? Oh yes, indeed. In a moment of madness I volunteered to become the assistant coach for C’s second grade soccer team. It turns out to be a really interesting session run by Coaching Fundamentals. The most insightful part of the evening is learning about Kolb’s learning cycle (http://www.businessballs.com/kolblearningstyles.htm). The whole room is given a Kolb’s test and we are then split into the 4 groups to better understand the differences in learning styles. We’re then taught how to recognize learning behavior in children and how to apply that to soccer coaching. All pretty cool stuff. The whole thing is presented by 2 British brothers with a wicked sense of humor. I’m still giggling as I drive home – a relief from the pressure of the head injury a few hours earlier.


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  1. Anna Wood says:

    Oh geez, big ‘get better’ kisses for T and hurrah that returning to school for C went so well ! Ax

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