Adopt a gluten-free blogger: Silvana Nardone

Anybody who follows this blog knows that Silvana Nardone has rockstar status in this house.

Ever since the day that I brought home the Cooking for Isaiah cookbook home from the book stand at BolgHer Food last year, C has been leafing through it like a picture book.

The book really struck a chord with him. It shows a mother of two children, trying to make life a better place for her eldest son – one gluten-free meal at a time. It made C realize that he is not the only one. That there was a whole book out there with ‘normal’ looking meals, being eaten by a cool looking kid. He breathed a visible sigh of relief. It wasn’t that bad to be gluten-free after all.

Within a week of purchase almost every other page was bookmarked with a “please can you make this for me mama” request.

Over time, a few recipes have come to fruition in my kitchen.

In the past week, there have been a few more. As part of this months “Adopt a gluten-free blogger” round-up hosted by the instigator, Sea at the Book of Yum, I will be sharing our experience of 3 of Silvana’s recipes,

spaghetti and meatballs

spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I loved this recipe, because not only was it pretty simple to make, but it really tasted like the real deal. I served up two rounds of meals out of the one batch that I made and there were absolutely no complaints about eating left-overs. In fact not much was said at all – everyone was far too busy chowing down great food. The recipe is straightforward and the sauce is lovely rich tomato sauce. The meatballs actually get cooked in the tomatoes, making the sauce lovely and rich and also a little meaty. Not all of my meatballs came out looking as round and perfect as the picture in the book – but nobody cared. I didn’t make the garlic crumbs, as per the book – but might try that next time.

Chicken fingers

Chicken fingers

Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers with Honey-Mustard Dip

I’ve made a few different kinds of gluten-free chicken tenders in the past 10 months. This recipe was definitely the most straightforward to follow. I’m not sure it was necessarily my number 1 favorite, but I’d make it again due to it’s simplicity and the mileahge that i got out of it – 1 dinner serving and two rounds of lunchboxes. Again, the kids were far too busy chowing to even comment on the fact that they were trying anything new. I took their silence and the polished off lunch boxes as the only complement necessary.

Sugar-and-Spiced Donuts

Sugar-and-Spiced Donuts

Sugar-and-spiced Donuts

Ok. This recipe was undoubtedly the highlight. I’ve never made donuts before – the thought never even crossed my mind before the days of gluten-freeness, but I bought a donut pan a few weeks ago, took a deep breath and took the plunge into donutville. All I can say is: Wow! They were easy to make and they tasted amazing. There is no way that anyone would have known that they are gluten-free. The kids begged for a donut daily until they were all polished off. I achieved supermum status for a few days. Lovely.

Thank you Silvana!




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  2. Her donuts do rock. I have two donut lovers who will ‘testify.’ Sounds like your guys ate well with Silvana in the house.

    • nstockmann says:

      We did. Had a much less glamorous food week this week – sometimes it’s good to take the foot off the gas pedal. ;-).

  3. You did a fabulous job as always, Nicola! As much as I like the looks of those donuts, I don’t think it would be in my best interest to buy a donut pan. Once, long ago, I made gluten-free donut holes. They were fabulous for sure. Yes, the gluten free can enjoy great homemade doughnuts (and doughnut holes), but you’re a super mom every day, Nicola! ;-) Great adoption post, dear!


    • nstockmann says:

      Thanks Shirley. More donuts being made tomorrow in preparation for C’s upcoming birthday. All very exiting.

  4. Jenna says:

    I just got this cookbook and I’m looking forward to trying more recipes. I had borrowed it from the library, and our favorites were the coffee cake, strawberry cupcakes which my 2 year old twins had for their birthdays, and cornbread. I also really like the cinnamon swirl pancakes on her website.

  5. Silvana says:

    Hi Nicola, love your selection of recipes and your pics are great! Happy to hear the family was happy! You ARE a Supermom! I can’t wait to show your post to Isaiah. He’ll surely get a kick out of reading about himself. Thanks again for adopting me. Oh, and sorry for all the exclamation marks…xo, Silvana

  6. Heather says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never made any of Silvana’s recipes. Time to change that! Thanks for a great post!

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  8. [...] the G-Free Mom adopted Silvana Nardone and made a donut recipe from her [...]

  9. This is great and delicious recipe,I love Chicken and Spiced Donuts. Thanks for sharing this recipe…….
    Gluten Free

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