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This week was ‘Wendy Week’ in our house. After the call to Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger over at Lexie’s Kitchen this month, I was inspired and decided that it was definitely time to jump on the bandwagon that I’ve admired many other bloggers doing over the past year. Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger is a great monthly event started by Sea over at Book Of Yum. It’s a wonderful way of spreading the word about the gluten-free blogging community and of trying out all of those recipes that you’ve (well – I have for sure) been meaning to try out for an age.

Wendy Gregory Kaho has a blog called Celiacs in the House. Through her blog she wears many of her different hats as a mom, a food blogger, a person with Celiac’s disease, a writer and a vocal activist for the gluten-free community. Wendy does a lot more on her blog than share recipes, and so I love to tune in and read her latest news every time she writes a new post. One of the things that Wendy regularly participates in is the weekly gluten-free menu swap. Each Monday I drool at Wendy’s recipe line-up, as I post my own and start browsing to check out what everyone else is doing. So, this week, rather than drool, I grabbed the bull by the horns and took 3 of Wendy’s recipes for a spin.

The thing that I love about Wendy’s recipes are that her meals always look so tasty, while being totally no-nonsense, family friendly and not terrifying to contemplate cooking. As I have discovered this week, Wendy is also the queen of hiding vegetables in her yummy kid-friendly food.

This is what I cooked:

Monday: Gluten-free/Grain-free salmon cakes

salmon fish cakes

Wendy's salmon fish cakes

One of my boys refuses to eat cooked carrots (but he likes them raw), the other refuses potatoes. I wondered, as I made the fishcakes, what the verdict would be, given that they contained both of these vegetables plus spinach too. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when they moved off their plates faster than I could say “did you enjoy your salmon fishcakes?”. The highest food honor in this house was immediately bestowed upon them. The “mama can we have these in our lunchbox please?” honor. I complied – there were two cakes left over, so before they could ask for seconds I whipped them away for lunch the next day. Success. My only issue with this recipe – I should have made double the amount.

Wednesday: Gluten-free crispy vegetable & risotto cakes.

Wendy's risotto cakes

Wendy's risotto cakes

I made butternut squash risotto on Tuesday and then Wendy’s cakes with the left-overs the next day. Just perfect. Not only did we get to eat something yummy, but we got to eat leftovers without feeling like we were eating the same old thing all over again. I used 2 cups of risotto to make the cakes. Wendy suggests using Lundbergs risotto too – but the only packs of Lundbergs that I could find had a ton of cheese in them, so that was not an option for us. I loved the addition of the zucchini in this recipe. Can’t remember the last time I successfully served zucchini to my kids. This tasted delicious with a creamy kale salad that I recipe tested for Hallie Klecker’s upcoming recipe book. Can’t wait to see the rest of the recipes in the book!

Thursday: Gluten-free shepherds pie.

Gluten-free shepherds pie

Wendy's shepherds pie

Ok. So this meal was supposed to last us for 2 dinners. I really didn’t see how we would eat all of that food in one sitting. I was wrong. Even M, who always says he’s not hungry when he finally makes it home from work took one bite and immediately asked if he could have a large plate full. There was a tiny bit left over for me to photograph today, but C demanded that I take the pic at 7.30am, so that he could have it in his lunch box. He ate it cold for lunch today and declared it his favorite food. What more can I say?

I was happy to have remembered my wee food processor, tucked away in my cupboard. Not sure why I never use it? I did find that the secret to Wendy’s incorporation of veggies into these meals was, in part, to make sure they were shredded. I’ll be using the food processor a lot more going forward, I think. Thank you Wendy for teaching me that valuable lesson.

Please make sure to check-out Lexie’s round up of all of the other gluten-free blogger adoptions over at Lexie’s Kitchen next week.


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  1. You are the sweetest, Nicola. I’m so happy to hear your guys liked my recipes. I’m going to have to steal “not terrifying to contemplate cooking” as my new tagline.

    • nstockmann says:

      ;-). Too funny. It really is true though. So many other recipes look so fantastic, but either the list of ingredients or the time it takes to make the recipe are too daunting when you are in busy mom with workaholic husband mode…. xo

  2. TR says:

    those risotto cakes look awesome! And I love the idea of adopting a gluten free blog! HOw do we participate in this kind of event?

    • nstockmann says:

      Hi TR. Participation details for this month are on Lexie’s Kitchen site, and in general on the Sea of Yum site. Links are in my post.

  3. Such a great adoption of our delightful Wendy, Nicola! I say “our” because like you said she is out there on the front lines every day advocating for gluten-free folks. And, when she’s home, she’s turning out these scrumptious, easy-to-make recipes. Don’t you just love her? I’d “kill” for any of those three recipes right now for breakfast. Seriously. But, I”ll make my usual green smoothie instead. ;-) And, I better get on my own adoption … yikes! Great post, Nicola. You rock as a gfree mom/wife and a gfree blogger. :-)


  4. Your description of Wendy wearing different hats is an understatement. =) She jumps into random phone booths and actually turns into Gluten-Free Wonder Woman. Clicking bracelets and all (wasn’t that Wonder Woman with the groovy bracelets?). I shouldn’t blog-hop when I’m this hungry. That shepherd’s pie looks amazing. Glad it’s not too “terrifying to contemplate cooking.” Might have a go at it this evening. Or, now!

    • nstockmann says:

      That is hilarious! I agree. Her costume would have a big ‘GF’ on the front instead of the ‘W’ though…

  5. Hmmm! I am thinking that I am going to have to have a “Wendy Week” in my house too. These recipes look awesome! And I love her version of risotto cakes!! And Melissa’s comment totally cracked me up! Gluten-Free Wonder Woman Wendy! Now that image has me totally laughing (and it is so true). Such a great adoption, Nicola, of our great GF Crusader here!! I loved it! xo

  6. [...] menu plan last week was a breeze. I’d ‘adopted’ Wendy at Celiacs in the House and had cherry picked the recipes that I thought my family would like best. I then wrote myself a [...]

  7. Mary says:

    I need to put all three of these recipes in my weekly roundup, especially the salmon cakes. Mmmm. Nice job Nicola (and Wendy!) As for the Gluten Free Wonder Woman comment, too funny! I’m realizing all of the GF Bloggers I’m meeting are GF Wonder Women!

  8. Alta says:

    Great adoption – I adopted Wendy a while back. Didn’t make these dishes though – those salmon cakes look amazing! I think we need to make those at home too.

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