D-tox January, Day 11: Easy Kid Friendly “Green” Smoothie Recipe from Cook IT Allergy Free

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Today’s D-tox January post is from Kim at cook IT allergy free. If you have kids and you’d like to introduce them to a world of healthy smoothies this post is a must read. Not only will it have you rolling about with laughter, but it also has some really important lessons in what to do and what not to do when feeding kids smoothies packed with a ton of nutritious stuff that they probably wouldn’t otherwise eat. Kim cleverly points out the the addition of cherries or blueberries will disguise the ‘green’ in any ‘green’ smoothie. My new name for her post is ‘the 5 commandments of smoothie making for kids’ and all who make kids smoothies should learn to abide by them… (in my humble opinion).

So while I hear my kids playing a card game in the background, while I am cooking some BBQ chicken and wondering at what point they will stop liking each other and start killing each other (oh – here we go – brotherly love), I’m already plotting to make Kim’s kid friendly green smoothie for the little monsters. I tried to get non-dairy plain kefir today, but was out of luck. Off to Wholefoods tomorrow – am sure I’ll find it there…

Today, I fed myself on Hallie’s delicious green ‘creamsicle’ smoothie that she posted yesterday. Her photo looked so amazing that it simply had to taste delicious and delicious it really did taste. I could hardly believe that I was drinking avocados and spinach. If this is the one and only green smoothie you can ever see yourself drinking, the I really recommend you try it. Don’t even think about what’s in it. I think that even M will like this one – and he is the biggest skeptic when it comes to the whole green thing.

My list of 27 is going pretty well. It’s only Tuesday and I’ve already hit 18. Only 9 more to go and I suspect that the box of organic micro greens that I bought today will just about take me there. It definitely goes a lot quicker with the smoothies. Am so glad that I embarked on this event. Can’t claim to be obsessing much about detoxing, beyond cutting out coffee and vino this month (at least this far), but somehow this whole thing is making me think hard about everything that passes my lips. I am definitely feeling a ton healthier thanks to the huge amount of inspiration that I’m getting from all of the great posts for D-tox January and the super nutritious smoothies that I’ve been drinking as a result.


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  1. Nicola, you are doing fantastically! You are such an inspiration to all of us. :-) Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event and sharing your journey with us!


  2. Aw! Thanks Nicola!! You are so sweet! This event was such a great idea! I have been trying all types of new smoothies the last couple of weeks! And I am with Shirley, you an inspiration to all of us!

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