D-tox January, Day 12: Luscious Pina Greena Coladas from Gluten Free Easily


reflection: remembering that its the simple things that are important in life

I’m writing this post as I’m listening to Barack Obama’s speech honoring the Arizona victims from last weekends horrific shooting. His speech is phenomenal. It address so many issues on so many different levels. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else other than his words. It’s a while since a speech moved me in this way. He reminds us to to question what really is valuable within our own lifetimes and to focus on those things that really matter, rather than the materialistic things that our society leads us to believe to be all important. He asks us all to take this moment to remember to strive to be better people – in everything that we do. It is a rousing speech as we go into MLK weekend. It makes me wonder how much a speech like this really matters and how much of an effect it will have. Will people listen to his words and feel inspired by them? Will anyone change as a result of it? I hope so.

Yesterday, T wore a fabulous new soccer t-shirt that was sent to him from Barcelona from M’s cousin. He is so proud of the Barcelona FC shirt and shows it to everyone. So, yesterday, he showed it to one of the dads from his pre-school class as he walked into school. He said “look I have a Barcelona t-shirt”. The dad replied “wow, that’s cool, do you know that Barcelona is in Spain”. “Yes”, he duly replied. The dad went on: “Do you know that about 300 years ago the Spanish ruled the world?”. T looked blankly. This didn’t slow down the dad: “but the Spanish made some silly mistakes and now America rules the world”. Wow. I quickly interjected with a sarcastic “Really?”. It’s all I could muster. The dad rushed off. Need I say more?

So, right now, I’m thanking my lucky stars that there are people in this world like the wonderful Shirley from Gluten Free Easily. Shirley  can only be described as the mom of the gluten free blogging community. She knows everyone – I mean EVERYONE – and just about anything that there is to know about being gluten free and she blogs about that and everything else that she feels passionate about most every day. When Shirley isn’t writing her own posts, she is reading and commenting on everyone elses with words of wisdom and encouragement. Shirley brings the community together and ensures that everyone is kept up to date.

Shirley’s post today is a prime example of a Shirley post. Not only has she shared an amazing, easy to make, green smoothie and thought about how to convert people to a healthier lifestyle, but she has also summarized the D-tox January calender of events and has provided some excellent links to some other relevant blog posts on the subject. I will say no more than to go and make yourself a nice big cup of tea and be prepared to be sucked into and inspired by the wonderful world of Gluten Free Easily.

A wee reminder that I’ll be posting a linky at the end of the month and will be welcoming the addition of smoothies, juices and detoxifying soups as well as comments. All comments will be put into a prize draw and there’ll be a give away of one copy of the Rebecca Katz book: One Bite at a Time and two copies of the Anticancer book by David Servan-Schreiber. Don’t forget to check back on the 31st!


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  1. My dear Nicola, the story on the Barcelona conversation is very sad. I would have so much preferred to hear a “Wow, that’s so cool!” type conversation. It is a perfect example of an us/them, competitive, hate-mongering type conversation. It doesn’t even make sense, but the bigotry and hate does carry on by adults talking to kids like that. Keep leading by example … I know your children know what’s right. What does make it really hard though is when it’s adults–the ones they are supposed to look up to–who are tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering, etc. So sad.

    But, now on the latter part … that was just too much, but thank you so, so much for your very gracious words. You could make a girl cry, do you know that? Love you, our amazing gluten-free community, your D-Tox January event, and all that’s good. When we focus on the good/the love/the fullness of our lives, all the other has to fall away, right?

    Love and hugs,

    • nstockmann says:

      Shirley. That conversation was sad. Very sad. Luckily, I live in a part of the country where hearing that type of conversation is a rare occurrence…. We just need to keep remembering that every single one of us can make our own little difference. And… you did deserve every word that I said about you. ;-).

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