D-tox January, Day 13: Don’t be afraid of the green smoothie monster from She Let Them Eat Cake

pomegranate, pear, apple & spinach

My lunchtime smoothie ingredients

Today’s D-tox January post is from Maggie at She Let Them Eat Cake. Maggie’s post is full of humor, but oh so so insightful and Maggie went up a huge notch in my book today when we began to tweet about ‘LOST’ today. So, in Lost there is this weird green smoke that attacks people that are lost on an island in the middle of nowhere that keeps changing its location. Nuff said – if you haven’t watched it, it’s too difficult to explain why it is the most addictive tv series that I’ve ever watched. The reason for that tweet banter? The green smoke of course – the title of Maggies post today referring to a green monster. Maggie tops the tweet banter by asking “Jack or Sawyer?”. Jack and Sawyer are the two heart throbs of the tv show. My answer for another day…

Maggie’s green smoothie monsters are really not scary at all. In fact, she manages to completely demistify the green smoothie and provides a really easy step by step approach that teaches you the bottom line – anything goes.

The anything goes ‘thing’ suddenly dawned on me today, when I realized that it didn’t matter about worrying about the amounts of stuff that I was throwing into my blender, what mattered was that it tasted good (Maggie’s big point is all about tasting good) and that I got a good mix of fruit and greens in there. Quite an ‘aha’ moment for me – the realization that a green smoothie can actually be ridiculously tasty, nutritious – oh, and easy…

I had a bit of a pomegranate craving today and so my smoothie went like this:

1 pomegranate (see Tia at Glügle Gluten Free’s great post on how to peel a pomegranate in 5 easy steps)




a large handful of spinach

So, the water measurement isn’t exact and neither is the amount of spinach. What I’m learning is, that not worrying about being too exact really is the key. When it comes to water or juice, make sure you have enough liquid to prevent the smoothie from being too thick/your blender from dying an early death. Add more if you need it. When it comes to the greens, put in a little and add more to taste. Apparently you’ll start craving more over time. Oh – and remember to rotate your greens. I’ve also learned that sticking to one green – let’s say spinach – for weeks on end, can actually be quite toxic.

I only had one problem with my lunchtime “green” smoothie today – I drank it too quickly to take a photo of it… Not sure where all of these make a smoothie and save half recommendations are coming from – I don’t seem to be able to save a single drop. The kids have to fight me for their favorites and I constantly find myself saying “don’t worry, I can make more”.


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  1. Another great–and funny–post, Nicola. :-) I can’t say that I’m a Lost fan, but it’s fun when like minds relate. Love your photo! And, Maggie did a terrific job on her green monster post. What’s clear and wonderful, I’d say, is that everyone is so different when it comes to their smoothie making (and varying them like you advise), but there are no bad green smoothies. They provide such huge health benefits!


  2. Maggie says:

    Hi Nicola – Thanks for the great write-up. I knew we were kindreds when you knew what the smoke monster was :) I am totally honored to be a part of this series. But the best part about it is getting to know you, I’m so happy to have a new blogging friend (and a bonus that you live in California!).

  3. Heather says:

    It must be pomegranate kind of day. I posted about them too! Maybe we needed that bright splash of flavor on a dull winter day.

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