D-tox January, Day 14: Tropical Chia Smoothie from Gluten Free Life

pears in silver bowl

Looking forward to making smoothies with my pears when my tree bears fruit again

Jen Cafferty has posted a wonderful tropical chia smoothie on her Gluten Free Life blog today for day 14 of D-tox January. On one hand it’s a little hard to believe that we are already 14 days into this event, but on the other two weeks ago seems like a lifetime ago. M tells me that my skin is looking better and the dark circles that seem to have been under my eyes for ever are actually starting to fade. I really didn’t believe that that was ever going to happen. Amazing really that those things have happened without too much effort and without turning my life on its head. All it’s taken is employing my blender, getting creative on the smoothie making front and being inspired with the tricks of the ‘hidden greens’ trade. Cutting out coffee is also a biggy for me – wasn’t sure I was going to pull that one off, as I’ve tried that one so many times before – but I haven’t even begun to miss it, as I’ve felt so energized by all of the fab smoothies that I haven’t really felt the need for my coffee kick-start in the same way.

Enough of me and back to the lovely Jen. In a wonderfully simple post, she has brilliantly summarized the benefits of chia seeds and has provided a great easy to make smoothie recipe to incorporate them. So, this is where I confess that I have chia seeds sat in my fridge and that every now and I again I sprinkle them on my muesli or throw a few into a batch of granola bars that I’m making, but I tend to forget about them in between and I hadn’t really fully acknowledged their nutritional value. That is, until today. Chia seeds suddenly seem like the biggest no-brainer ever to me. Having read Jen’s post I have had a complete chia ‘aha’ moment. What more can I want than a huge lashing of Omega 3′s, fiber, calcium and antioxidants. In fact those are the things that I’m forever trying to get more of into our diet. When I put ground flax into a smoothie for the boys the other day, the smoothies got refused – “mama, what have you put in there?”, but I’m going to give it another whirl with chia seeds and see whether I get the same push-back or not.

I had a ‘hidden greens’ smoothie success this morning when all three of my boys, including my hubby guzzled down their smoothies that included a couple of handfuls of spinach. M asked what the smoothie had in it and when I told him strawberries, raspberries, banana, apple, apple juice, vanilla yogurt and – mmm – spinach, he could hardly believe it. His reply was “you could probably have put a bit more spinach in there, it tasted really good.” Wow. I am so indebted to all of the fabulous contributors to D-tox January for helping us up the anti on our healthy eating habits. Check out the fantastic calendar of posts past and those that are still to come on my D-tox January page.


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  1. Woohoo on spinach in smoothies success! Yep, he’s so right … it’s amazing how good it tastes in smoothies. After you see how a small amount works, you can add even more. So glad you and your family are experiencing such success, Nicola! BTW, did you know that dark circles under eyes can be a symptom of wheat issues?

    Love chia seeds in my smoothies, so off to check out Jen’s recipe!


    • nstockmann says:

      I’ve thought about the dark circle thing a few times – it’s the way that I know immediately when my little guy has had a ‘gluten fix’. Given that all things are genetic it makes sense…

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