D-tox January, Day 15: Chocolate–Peanut Butter Pick-Me-Up Smoothie at Dish Towel Diaries

skiing in tahoe

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

Ok, so this is where I admit that I’m a bit of a Silvana Nardone groupie. In fact, my boys are too. Whenever I leave her fabulous cookbook ‘Cooking for Isaiah‘ lying around after browsing through the recipes, I find my kids flicking through the pictures giving out loud “Oos” and “Aas”. Cooking for Isaiah made C feel like there was another kid out there just like him and there there was a mom out there just like me who was doing her best to give him everything that he loved to eat, despite his food intolerances. Even better, Isaiah’s mom had managed to make everything look amazing and had written a cookbook too. C was starstruck.

The request last week was for Silvana’s chicken pot pie soup. The soup is packed with vegetables and goodness and I was quite delighted that that was the recipe of choice. It tasted amazing – I ate way past my ‘fullometer’.

So, you can imaging that I whooped with delight when Silvana agreed to contribute a post to D-tox January. I just knew that she’d conjure up something fabulous. As you can see from the fantastic chocolate-peanut butter pick-me-up smoothie at her ‘dish towel diaries’ blog, Silvana has not disappointed. What I love about this smoothie is that it seems as if it should be the biggest indulgence on the planet, and yet it’s actually super nutritious. Definitely worth checking out!

I’m scribing this post from the mountains. We packed our bags this morning and headed up to Tahoe. Really liberating to be able to drive for 3 hours and be in great snow. We managed an hour and a half of skiing today after checking into the hotel and will be back up on the mountain bright and early in the morning. The hotel took a little more acclimatize to than the skiing did. We have the noisiest man on the planet in the room next to us and when we first came up to the room we could hear every single word he uttered from the room next door. We asked for a room change, but to no avail. It’s MLK weekend and there isn’t a spare room in sight. Luckily it’s quiet now. I’m hoping it stays that way and that the kids get a good nights sleep. Wish me luck!

p.s. I miss my blender…


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