D-tox January, Day 16: Carrot Beet Apple Juice from Simply Gluten Free

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe from the top of the mountain at Heavenly

We had a bit of a gluten breakdown on the mountain today, while taking a break from skiing with the boys at lunchtime. T was allowed a cheese pizza – he is not gluten intolerant and of course C would loved to have had the same too. He had a bit of a crisis, saying how awful it is to be gluten free and how it’s not fair that T can eat gluten whenever he wants. Bad call on my part – we usually have a ‘no gluten’ when C is around rule and truth be told the rest of us are about 99% gluten free as a result. Just today. Today we messed up. T was delighted and promptly said “but C, you can have some of mine” – not the correct answer. We got around it by saying that we’ll head to Amicis pizza this weekend for their gluten free pizza (which tastes phenomenal, by the way). It kind of worked. Has to be said that the Elk burger (no bun) that he had was a million times better than the big slab of cheese pizza that T devoured – but how do you tell that to a 7 year old? With so many pizza places now offering gluten free crusts, I just can’t fathom why everyone can’t just jump on that bandwagon. Doesn’t seem complicated to me. On looking into it a bit more the majority of pizzeria’s that offer gluten free crusts in the Bay Area are supplied with the same gluten-free pizza crust from ‘Still Riding Pizza‘. I’ve just tweeted Vail resorts and asked “why no gluten free pizza on the mountain?”- we can’t be the only family with a gluten-free kid up here. Can we?

Gluten-free meltdown aside, the day was phenomenal. We were on the mountain by 9am and skid in glorious sunshine until mid afternoon. We covered an awful lot of ground and the boys did amazingly. They are now splashing about in the hotel pool – which M declared as ‘freezing’. That ‘freezing’ word was enough for me to merrily declare that I had a blog post to write. Comes in handy sometimes, this thing…

Todays D-tox January rock star is Carol Kicinski of Simply Gluten Free. Carol lives and breathes gluten-free. She is a tv chef, a cookbook author, an avid blogger, a recipe developer – the list is endless. Carol is also the instigator of the global gluten-free blogging community. Check out her Community page for an incredible resource of some phenomenal gluten-free bloggers.

Not only does Carol do all of the above, but she also has a sense of humor. Probably a necessity when juggling such a busy lifestyle. The intro to her post for her wonderful carrot, beet and apple juice is very funny and I can see many a reader having an ‘aha’ moment as they check out her story. Need I say more? Click on this link and it will take you right there.

Not only will you find this great juice on Carol’s site, but there are also a wealth of other recipes – all simply gluten-free.


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  1. Awww, poor C! You’re right — if a pizza spot hasn’t figured out the gluten-free thing yet, they will suffer, unfortunately. As someone who doesn’t necessarily need to eat gluten-free but chooses to, pizza is one of those things I couldn’t live without.

    So glad you had a fabulous trip, nonetheless! xo

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