D-tox January, Day 17: Fresh Beet Juice from Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

skiing down mountain

Two of my 'boys' heading down the ski slopes

We’ve just got home from our 3 day skiing weekend. It’s 9pm and I’m looking forward to my own bed, after a somewhat strange hotel room that we stayed in the past couple of nights. The location was amazing, but the place, well – let’s just say, it wasn’t really me. Although – the view from the room was simply incredible and I didn’t close the curtains so we could wake up watching the sun rise over the mountain range in the distance. Beautiful.

After the reported gluten meltdown from C about wishing he could have cheese pizza on the mountain yesterday, we let out cries of delight as we passed a sign for Amici’s pizza on the way home. We promptly pulled into Amici’s in Vacaville and made that our dinner stop. C was so happy. He’s been diagnosed as lactose intolerant too, but we’ve been told that a little every now and again is ok, so he was even allowed regular cheese on his gluten free pizza tonight. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven. I can’t sing Amici’s praises enough. They’ve really done their homework when it comes to gluten-free and are fastidious about the way the gluten-free food is prepared and in the questions they ask. The salad that M and I ordered was also prepared gluten-free and C was made to feel really special. We even splurged on a Pamela’s gluten-free cheesecake. Back to healthy eating tomorrow…

I’m so excited about being reunited with my blender again. We drank ‘Naked’ smoothies for breakfast today, but although they taste good, it really isn’t a patch on making your own.

Today’s juice inspiration for D-tox January comes from the Amy Green at Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free. It’s important to add at this point that D-tox January wouldn’t exist in the way that it does without Amy’s fabulous advice to me. Despite being super busy releasing her cookbook (available to pre-order on Amazon), Amy still found the time to pick up the phone and call me after I’d reached out to her and asked if she’d be interested in participating in a month of juices and smoothies. Amy’s story of how she came to be sugar and gluten-free is outlined on her blog. The way in which she found health through nutrition is fabulous and she really is an inspiration. As well as today’s great beet juice, there is also a host of recipes and some fantastic resources to be found on the site. Not only will you find alternatives to gluten and a range of great flour blends, but also to using refined sugars. I highly recommend taking some time to check it out.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow we miss skiing. My husband and I grew up in Michigan and use to go up north on weekends to ski. We have been to Utah as well. We don’t ski much in SW FL. Water maybe, snow–not so much.
    Wonderful post, I love hearing exciting stories about the RIGHT foods being incorporated into the diet and also healing.
    Peace & Raw (gluten-free/dairy free) Health,

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