D-tox January, Day 19: How to get your veggies from Glügle Gluten Free

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One of my favorite places to be - Crissy Fields

We are blessed with another spectacular sunny January day today. I head over to Crissy Fields, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge with T and the pooch, while C is at school. We hook up with a couple of other pre-school moms and all agree that we will never tire of the view from this spot. We munch on a stash of my cherry granola bars and  find it difficult to tear ourselves away when it’s time to head back across the bridge for the school run.

One of my fellow Bay Area gluten-free bloggers was also heading across the bridge today. But, before she embarked on her day out at the Academy of the Sciences with her little guy, she wrote a great post for D-tox January that serves as a reminder as to why its so important to eat a good range of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

Tia of the blog, Glügle Gluten Free, is funny. Really funny. Read her post and become an instant veggie convert, even find yourself considering roasting radishes. Really. Oh, and find a great recipe for a green smoothie too. One of those fab ‘hidden greens’ smoothie recipes, with an extra boost or two thrown in there for good measure.

I just read a CNN article (from a few days ago – a bit slow on the uptake this end) about Subway testing gluten-free buns at 700 of its outlets in Dallas and East Texas. Now I’m not a Subway fan myself, but if I told C that he could have gluten for a day, the first place he would want to go to celebrate would likely be Subway. Aside from pizzas (where we now have found great gluten-free crust alternatives), Subway epitomizes everything to him that he cannot have. We have a Subway a 5 minute walk away from our house and although I really don’t want to encourage him to start loving that place, it’d be a big psychological boost for him to be able to go there just like everyone else. Exiting that mainstream food outlets are beginning to embrace gluten-free. Good that they have recognized that it is a potential revenue stream that they can no longer ignore.

I’ve just found myself tearing up at American Idol. Oh dear. Time to sign off and hit the hay…


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  1. Maggie says:

    Oh man, I want to come and enjoy that view with you and the other mommys! Tia’s post was very funny. She’s a witty one!

  2. Tia says:

    I always love the view going over the bridge. Never tire of it, for sure. BTW, I didn’t realize I was so funny. I don’t really get that response from my off line friends, but maybe it’s from having a 2 y.o. I just find myself being silly all day and having silly thoughts.

    Well, thank you for the lovely write up. I have to get myself in gear and catch up on all of these posts. As usual, I’m way behind.


    • nstockmann says:

      Tia, you need to go out there and tell them “did you know, I am actually really funny!”. ;-) It’s a good thing!!!! xo

  3. Loved Tia’s post! She is so funny and her smoothie recipe looks great. :-)

    Not to be negative, but personally I won’t touch Subway’s gluten-free offerings. They make regular bread there and knowing that flour stays airborne for 48 to 72 hours, not even considering if they can really ensure that there’s no other cross-contamination, it’s just not worth the risk to me. I will be interested in others’ experiences, but am concerned that many who will be eating will not experience any gluten reaction immediately.


    • nstockmann says:

      Hi Shirley,

      Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom! – as always. I didn’t know that flour stays airborne for that long. I do wonder how much flour there really is in Subways though – I’ve done a bit of digging about online and it seems that Subway gets it’s bread dough delivered part frozen and then ‘bakes’ it on the premises. I’d love to find out more. Maybe they need to employ you to expel any dangers of cross contamination. ;-) (don’t worry – I think I know what your answer to that would be)

      One thing is for sure – there isn’t much nutritious about a Subway sandwich – that we are totally agreed on. For us it would just mean the odd splurge on something that isn’t necessarily perfectly healthy to give a psychological boost to a 7 year old who needs to feel different from his friends like a hole in the head. Most of the time gluten-free is a non-issue and there are so many kids now with allergies and food intolerances (unfortunately), that he is by no means the only one, but every now and again he breaks down and wishes for the day when he could just eat gluten again… I do believe that things are changing and that being gluten-free is becoming easier. I feel that if mainstream eateries can offer gluten-free safely then it has to be a good thing.

  4. Jenna says:

    We’ve tried out spinach in a smoothie, and with the blueberries you can’t see or taste it. I’m going to get the organic mixed baby green next week for more variety in the “green” part of the smoothie.

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