D-tox January: Day 2, Kale Cranberry Smoothie from Celiacs in the House

As I sit in a ski lodge with sporadic internet connection that keeps dropping and a half written blog post that just got lost in the process, my summary for today is going to be short – but, of course, very sweet.

Today is Day 2 of D-tox January and Wendy of Celiacs in the House has posted an amazing Kale Cranberry Smoothie recipe. I’m pretty exited about getting back to my kitchen and giving it a whirl in the next couple of days. Not only is the recipe packed with nutritional goodness, but it also works as an appetite suppressant – something we could all probably do with post holidays.

I’ve never thought of having Kale in a smoothie. So great to have this inspiration – a phenomenal introduction to the land of green smoothies. Wendy suggests that once you go down the green smoothie route there is no turning back. Check out her blog for her green smoothie story and her great recipe.


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  1. Kale is amazing in smoothies, and Wendy’s recipe looks/sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to try it as I’ve never used frozen cranberries before. Such a great series, Nicola! :-)


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